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Illustration of Sankranti calendar dates

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Sankranti Calendar as per planetary shift or sun transition (Based on Hindu Calendar)

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Sankranti related events and rituals! The word Sankranti brings the breeze of festive mood and celebration, reminding of those sky-kissing kites and tasty Sankranti dishes.Where kids start to miss their kites, the Indian ladies scroll their Sankranti recipes, and old people think of those river baths and charitable activities.We know how to celebrate Sankranti, but do you know "why" we observe the Sankranti? Let's take a quick tour of information about Sankranti festival and scroll the complete list of 12 Sankranti days which are signified one-by-one in each month throughout the year.

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World Blood Donor Day: Stimulating themes and slogans with motivational blood drop cartoon illustration

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Verse of the Day "Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."
Quote of the Day "#Life is #beautiful! Let's ride it with #joy!"
July 2019 Events
July 2019 Calendar

National and International Events

01 Jun: Baal Suraksha Divas
05 Jun: Vishwa Paryavaran Divas (World Environment Day)
14 Jun: Blood Donation Day
17 Jun: Father's Day
21 Jun: International Yoga Day
26 Jun: International No Alcohol Day
28 Jun: Kabirdas Jayanti Gareeb Divas

Fast and Festivals

15 Jun: Ramadan, Jamat Ul Vida, Eid Al Fitar (All three Based on Islamic Calendar)

Other Events

21 June: Longest Day of the Year (Astronomy Event)

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Nutrition Guide!

Do we eat food just for getting rid of starvation? Many of us never bothered about why we really eat and have been finding ‘nutrients’ a term for only nutritionists or doctors.

But in reality, the term ‘nutrients’ is too imperative to understand and easy to shake hands. Don’t believe? Join me on the journey towards achieving a healthy lifestyle and physic!

Let's start with a vastly knowledgeable nutrition guide covering all about proteins in simple terminology!

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Daily Updates
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