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Nutrients: Vastly Knowledgeable Nutrition Guide

A complete nutrition guide: Back to treasure of nature!

Meaning of Positive Attitude: 3 Simple Rules of Positivity

Negativity vs positivity illustration (Dark vs Bright side)
Illustration: Two minds growing thorns and flowers depicting "It's up to us what we choose, the thorns of negative thoughts or the flowers spreading positive energy"

The Real Mistake While Executing an Idea for Success

Quote: “Mistake is not when you execute a wrong #idea. It is when you learn nothing and let yourself #follow the same idea again!"

Malnutrition| Nutritional Imbalance

Malnutrition or Malnourishment: Nutritional Imbalance because of excessive, insufficient, or imbalanced intake of nutrients!

25 Best Stress Reducing Tricks

Illustration of a girl listening music near sea shore!

Top 25 Mental Tension Relieving Mantras

A girl sitting upset due to mental tension and stress!

Let’s Redefine Adventure!

Redefining adventure!
Illustration: A boy in hat standing in his room near window!

Nutrition Facts Label | Food Label | Nutrition Information Panel

Nutrition facts label: New format of food label's aggregate display, which will be applicable for all from 2018
What's Today ,
Today's Cartoon! Paper weight cartoonPaper Weight!
Quote of the Day!

"When people say 'you can't', look into there eyes and say, 'watch me'. If you feel the same after trying hard, repeat it in front of the mirror because there is nothing that 'you' can't! "

Nutrition Guide!

Do we eat food just for getting rid of starvation? Many of us never bothered about why we really eat and have been finding ‘nutrients’ a term for only nutritionists or doctors.

But in reality, the term ‘nutrients’ is too imperative to understand and easy to shake hands. Don’t believe? Join me on the journey towards achieving a healthy lifestyle and physic!

Let's start with a vastly knowledgeable nutrition guide covering all about proteins in simple terminology!

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