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Welcome Winter Season: 10 Ways to Join Hands with Wintry Weather

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Welcome the beautiful winter season!
The beautiful first snow of winter season!

Warm greetings and a welcoming smile! Autumn has gone and winter has banged on time. The body has started loving the lukewarm light and sun-kissed places. The winter winds have started filling our houses with cold, adding more chilling flavor to the season. And how can we forget those tempting sleeps? It becomes magically pleasant to embrace the soft-warm blankets and sleeping in long nights.  The nature has blessed every season with different traits and wow elements. They interestingly involve in our day-to-day life and give a change to it. Let the snow fall and gear up many more beautiful elements to it. With them, here you are 10 specials of this winter.

Cope with the Winter Blues:

A girl kissing and hugging the snow man
Embrace the winter 2019

This coldest weather has started on December 22, 2018, and will last on March 21, 2019. When we say ‘winter is coming’, it doesn't come alone. Winter brings biting cold, putting on the woollies, bunged-up nose, shivering chin, shaking legs, difficulty in waking up in morning. So, what is your agenda to beat this cold? Take a glance at the following and get an idea of healthy living:

1. Meet the Sunlight When Bitter Chill of Winter Months Sucks

A girl lying on snow in lukewarm sunlight below the wide sky
Expose to the warmth of sunlight

Boost your mood with catching up the mighty sun rays of early morning. Get an exposure to it next to the window or visit a nearby garden area and see, how it perks up your entire day.

2. Give Special Care to Maintain a Radiant Skin

Winter skincare in winter season
Winter skincare

Drink ample of water to stay hydrated. Moisturize the skin more than usual seasons and remember, sunscreen is not just for summers. Our skin needs it in winters too. Exfoliate your skin lightly and wash your face with warm (not hot) water. Keep your feet greased and treat them at night before sleeping. Avoid taking a super-hot bath. Don’t don wet socks or gloves.

3. Consume Healthy Food: Beat the Winter!

Green vegetables of winter season
Prefer green vegetables this winter

The intake of nutritious food is more important in this season than others. Consume the sources of Vitamin D for better mental health and avoid taking fried food. Stock up with Omega-3 and eat green vegetables.

4. Workout to Your Best: Beat the Cold!

A girl playing a winter game to energize
Give space to winter games

We all tend to be a lazy lad and wrap us in cozy blankets; I know exercising is just opposite to that. But what’s bad in giving a hit to work-out if it may fill us with loads of energy and help to cope up with the cold? If exercising seems boring to you, play some outdoor games. Don’t let the weather lower your spirits and go for exercise as it is the key to healthy living.

5. Lift Your Mood with Bright Colors

Interior with bright colors
Bright feel to interior
Home Decoratives of Bright colors
Decoration with bright colors

Choose bright colors to decorate your surrounding and while choosing your attires.

Special care in winter with woolen caps and scarfs of bright colors to lift up the mood
Special care in winter with woolen caps and scarfs of bright colors to lift up

It will encourage your mind, mood, and emotions, giving new expressions to thoughts.

6. Say ‘Yes’ to Herbal Tea and Limit Consuming Caffeine and Alcohol

Herbal tea in jug and cups
Herbal tea

Are you facing the winter blues? If yes, then keep an eye on what you intake. Get rid of muscle tensions and anxiety by keeping caffeine and alcohol at bay and welcoming the Green Tea.

Green tea and leafs
Green tea

Say no to binge drinking habit. Its antioxidant and natural flavanoids give it a property that helps functionality of immune system, leaving with an energizing feeling and happy spirits.

7. Have Fun: Take Winter Break

A cozy winter break with coffee mug and book
A cozy winter break

The art of living says, ‘work hard and party harder’. Does winter seem endless to you? No need to afraid of it. Treat yourself. Keep your spirits high and plan something exciting and fun. How about an idea of a weekend trip? Or you can go for a spa, play, night out, or fire camp with your friends or family. Before the winter meltdown makes space, play smartly and break the winter blues. Enjoy and hit the spot!

8. Safe Winter Driving Tips

Drive the vehicles safe in winter
Drive safe this winter

Driving becomes tougher when you belong to a snow falling location. It’s imperative to be safe and cautious while riding on a vehicle. Get a hold on the grip and ensure you can see the path. If you are driving a four-wheeler, get rid of frost by running the air-conditioner. Keep the headlights and taillights clear, and use them while driving. Watch carefully and memorize the tough spots. Avoid steering too much and stay away from rear-tire slides.

9. Music Is a Winter Tire for the Vehicle of Life

Music of winter season
Music in winter 2014

Give space to winter songs in your life. Discover new music for your playlist. Set an alarm of your favorite song. It will fill colors to your morning. Take a short winter music break and energize that boring workstation. Involve the soothing beats in your dinner time and see the magic.

10. Winter Pictures

Warmth of morning sunlight
A warm morning of winter season

Set the beautiful winter wallpapers as the display picture on the desktop of your cell phone, laptop or tablet. The beauty of nature will make you fall in love it. But beware! Sheer winter pictures with snowfall may make you feel colder, so choose the one that gives you a warm feeling.

Beautiful winter morning
Beautiful winter morning

Have a Cup of Joy and Kick up Your Heels!

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