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Flashback of Daisy Shah’s Journey from Background Dancer to Salman’s Heroine

Dancer turned actress Daisy Shah
Gorgeous Daisy Shah

Salman Khan is the one top star who doesn’t limit himself to share screen with only successful heroines; he has been introducing new faces through working with new actors in his films. Daisy Shah and Sana Khan are two of those who became the parts of a Salman Khan starrer Jai Ho. Earlier started as Mental, the film has released recently and done good business too. Let’s have a glance at how Daisy headed off and got Jai Ho project in her kitty. Also, let's know more about the actress Daisy Shah and her biography!

Dancer Became Choreographer

Daisy Shah still while a dance move
Daisy Shah in a dance move
Mostly actresses enter to Bollywood through the streets of modeling, but the journey to stardom of Gujrati girl Daisy started with her interest in dance. The girl, who initially wanted to become an air hostess, interestingly joined Choreographer Ganesh Acharya’s dance group and became assistant choreographer after two-and-half year for movies like Zameen and Khakee.

Daisy Said ‘No’ to Salman, Annoying the Dabangg Khan

Daisy Shah and Salman Khan posing for photoshoot
Daisy Shah and Salman Khan
Salman noticed Daisy when she was a background dancer in Maine Pyar Kyu Kiya. Later, she started modeling, then acted in Kannada film and came back to Mumbai. She met Salman again on the set of Dabangg where Ganesh Acharya was choreographing a song, and got proposal of playing the role of Kareena’s best friend in Bodyguard.

Daisy says she didn't find the role interesting and also had dates problem due to a south film, so she made her mind to deny for Bodyguard, but took 7-8 days to say ‘No’ to Salman. While the shooting of Jai Ho, Salman told her that he was annoyed for her decision of not taking that role.

Salman’s Father Made Daisy Bagging the Lead Role in Jai Ho

Salman Khan and Daisy Shah in a Jai Ho movie still
Salman Khan and Daisy Shah filming a shot of Jai Ho
Almost every newcomer of Bollywood fraternity dreams to share screen with Salman Khan, and Mr Khan has also seen supporting the debut heroines, but this time the Jai Ho star bagged the lead role by approval of Salman’s father, when both Salman and Sohail were not sure about her. Finally Daisy got a call from makers of Jai Ho for audition.

Daisy Shah Speaks about the Hero of Her Reel and Real Life- Salman Khan

Salman Khan and Daisy Shah romancing on bicycle in Jai Ho movie
Salman Khan and Daisy Shah romancing for their film- Jai Ho

Whoever and wherever Daisy is today, she owes that to Salman and finds her falling short of words when it is to say something about Salman.

Daisy says Salman is very protective about his co-stars and she got to learn a lot while shooting of Jai Ho. She expresses that would like to romance with Salman again and again in all her films.

Wish you good luck Daisy for all your future projects! Keep learning and keep entertaining your fans! 

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