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What is the Importance of Lunch in Daily Diet?

Importance and Benefits of Healthy Lunch in daily diet
Healthy lunch elements: Importance and benefits

Whether a person feed to survive or survive to feed, how many of us know the role of eating in our life, except it is the fuel to keep the body-engine running? Food is important for not only the mechanism of body, but also for keeping the physic fit and healthy. The dietary habits play a vital role in welcoming or avoiding the diseases. It is undeniably important what we take in our diet, but do you know it is also imperative that in how many parts do we feed our body the whole-day dose, and how much do we take in every part of that dose.

Some of us have understood that breakfast or morning food is the most important meal of the day, but does it mean we can ignore our lunch? Several researches have brought the fact on light that skipping meals causes harm by inviting diseases, but many of us are still boosting our old myths and neglecting our dietary habits.
Every meal- breakfast, lunch, refreshment, and dinner has its worth to bring out a fit and healthy body. The size and constituents of the meals can get change according to need of the hour, but the significance and aim of living a healthy life remain the same. Let’s understand the functions and importance of lunch!

The Role of Lunch in Daily Diet

As a bike needs oil to run smoothly, our body also needs fuel to perform daily tasks; and as a bike asks for more fuel to run faster, our body also asks for high calorie value while executing the office work and daily chores. 

While performing the every-day activities, the digestive fire burns more brightly than the other slothful hours, so lunch is essential meal to fulfill the energy need for routine work. 

Standard Time of Taking Lunch

Lunch is considered as the second meal of the day, after breakfast. The best time for lunch is considered 12 noon to 2 p.m. Worldwide it is taken between 12 noon to 3 p.m. After lunch it is advisable to take rest for a while. In hot countries, taking siesta is a habit of day-to-day life.

Consequences of Skipping Lunch

Skipping lunch at the peak time of digestive activities can affect both physical and emotional health. It encourages gastric mucosal denudation and H. pylori proliferation that causes heaviness in abdomen. 

It may direct to problems like obesity, heartburn, eructation, vomiting, diabetes, fatigue, headache, depression, improper level of blood sugar, and blood pressure. 

Lunch skipping teens are found with lack of concentration, leading to give poor performance. People who avoid lunches and give excuses of taking heavy breakfast, busyness, and weight management, are more likely to suffer from stomach related problems like pain, ulcer, gastritis, acidity, indigestion and constipation.

Quick Advice

It is advised to take smaller and quick healthy lunches for weight management, instead of skipping the meal. If you take your lunch at home, enrich it with salads, fruits, GLV, and butter milk.


People following the clocks should avoid taking full lunch after 2 p.m.

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