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Why Dinner Is Important in Daily Diet?

Healthy Dinner importance and benefits
Importance and benefits of Healthy Dinner

Breakfast kick-starts the day and lunch re-fuel the body, then where does the dinner stand? Earlier called as chief meal, dinner was taken before the dark of night appears. Now, the long working hours have shifted its time to late night. Here one thing remains the same- this meal is being taken with the family. Dinner reunites the family after a long tedious day and becomes a platform of sharing the daily tidbits with the beloved ones. Get to know here more about what role this meal plays to our body and health!

Importance of Dinner in Daily Diet: The Role of Last Meal of the Day

  • Just like the first meal, dinner has its own significance as it is your last meal of the day and you will not feed your stomach for at least next 10 hours. This meal affects the digestive tract and how your system repairs the body.

  • It is advised to enrich the dinner with both protein and carbohydrate to avoid disturbed sleep because this way you can supply steady glucose to your blood stream.

  • Here the quantity of amino acids that you intake matters a lot as amino acids not only construct the building blocks of our body, but also boost the well-being by enhancing mood and being the neuro-transmitters, transport the directions to the nervous system.

  • Loading up your dinner with protein refurbishes and repairs the tissues, organs and muscles. Green vegetables eliminate the waste product from intestines.

Standard Time of Taking Dinner

The best time for taking dinner is between 6p.m. to 8 p.m. In case of taking the dinner after 10 p.m., go for easily digestible constituents. Avoid the meal made of excess oil, too much butter and refined cereals. Keep distance from fried and fast food.

Benefits of Timely Taken Dinner

  • Proper assimilation
  • Complete non strain removal of waste next morning
  • Yielding agility and freshness next morning

Dinner, if taken with friends or family, can uplift the mood at great level. It lightens the mood and gifts a relaxed and satisfying sleep, so prefer to take dinner with your beloved ones.

Consequences of Skipping Dinner

If often you wake up mid-night and feel difficulty in sleeping again, dinner might help you getting rid of this problem. This is a common problem in insomnia, where the level of blood sugar drops and the body discharges the stored glucose to make up, which takes your sweet sleep from you.

Quick Advises

  • Avoid bean preparations in dinner.
  • Maintain distance from fatty foods in late night hours. As we do not perform physical activities while sleeping, we need fewer calories to consume. If we take extra calories, it does not burn and the unused extra fuel turns to fat. Sometimes, it can be tough to digest and cause you suffer from digestive disorders.


If during or after dinner you are habitual of taking some stimulants such as chocolate or beverages like coffee, tea, alcohol or coke, maintain distance from them.  No matter you are sensitive or not from them, keeping them at bay may prove to be a key to sound sleep.

Have a well-portioned dinner and enjoy the sweeter sleep!

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