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Jai Ho: Salman Khan Starrer Film Raises Voice of a Common Man

Daisy Shah and Salman Khan in Jai Ho movie song
Daisy Shah and Salman Khan looking happy in Jai Ho movie song still

‘Don’t underestimate the power of a common man’. Well-said warning dialogue! Here comes the same warning in Jai Ho style, “Aam aadmi sota hua sher hai, ungli mat kar”.

Every common person holds an infinite power of bringing ‘change’, no matter he is fighting a ‘solitary’ war to combat the devils like Corruption and Injustice. Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is playing that common man ‘Jai’ in Sohail Khan’s movie Jai Ho. To bring a revolutionary wave of helping each other, Jai makes a mission of helping as many people as he can. The idea is to help someone and request that person to offer a helping hand to someone else who is in need, making an everlasting helping chain. 

Jai Ho Overview: Quick Look at Cast and Crew

Salman Khan and Daisy Shah romance in Jai Ho movie
Salman Khan and Daisy Shah captured from the movie Jai Ho
Genre: Action, Drama
Based on: Stalin (Telugu film) by A. R. Murugadoss
Production Company: Sohail Khan Productions
Producers: Sohail Khan, Sunil Lulla                
Co-producers: Parvez Alam Khan, Zahir Khan
Director: Sohail Khan
Creative Director: Sabu Cyril
Concept Writer: A. R. Murugadoss
Screenplay by: Dilip Shukla
Dialogues by: Dilip Shukla
Salman Khan
Daisy Shah
Suniel Shetty
Sana Khan
Danny Denzongpa
Cinematography: Santosh Thundiyil
Editor: Harsh Tiwari
Language: Hindi
Shooting Locations:
India: Kolhapur, Goa, Lavasa, Mumbai and Hyderabad
Romania (climax)
Music Label: T-Series
Music Producers: Sajid-Wajid, Amal Mallik, Devi Sri Prasad, T-series
Music Composers: Sajid-Wajid, Amal Mallik, Devi Sri Prasad
Background Music by: Sandeep Shirodkar
Singers: Sajid, Wajid, Shreya Ghoshal, Shaan, Himesh Reshammiya, Armaan Malik, Shabab Sabri, Ujjayinee, Palak Muchhal, Keerthi Sagathia, Marianne D’Cruz Aiman, Brijesh Shandilya, Altamash Faridi
Distributor: Eros International
Budget: 130 Crore
Selling of the rights of Jai Ho: Rupees 1.10 Billion  
Release Date: January 24, 2014

Jai Ho Verdict: Hit

Box Office Collection of Jai Ho: 88 crore (in 7 days)
Jai Ho Review: 7/10

Jai Ho Poster in Digital Avtar

Jai Ho Posters featuring Salman Khan
Jai Ho Posters
People go crazy to touch Salman’s hand and even get a glance of him and their Bhai also revert to them wholeheartedly. This love between a star and his fans came in light when he got amazing response on his tweet, “Maine paint kiya, apne click kiya and we made the poster”; thus came the digital avtar of Jai Ho poster. The superstar has painted this poster and to give flagship to his fans, thousands of faces have been merged together to create a close-up shot of Salman Khan.

Story of Jai Ho

Action scene of Salman Khan in Jai Ho movie
Salman Khan's action still from Jai Ho
  • The plot of Salman starer Jai Ho revolves around an ex-army officer- Major Jai Agnihotri, who is a patriotic but kicked out of the army due to misunderstanding, becomes a mechanic. 
  • Politician Danny kills his opposition without any fear of police and system as they were on his payroll. The twists of fate involve Jay. 
  • Realizing the possible consequences of violent goons of politician, playing the role of Jay’s sister Geeta, Tabu persuades Jai to deal peacefully with politician. This doesn't work and after facing humiliation, Jay bursts and sets him to an open war and takes stand with his one man army. 
  • Now, will Jai be able to win over the kingdom of corruption and live happily with his family; the story is all about this good vs. bad. 
  • Unaware of what positive cooks between people who were helped by him in past, Jay turns the silent public to gather a strong force and the story weaves it interestingly. Also, it talks about bringing change in society, making people help each-other.

Preparations by Daisy Shah for Jai Ho

Daisy Shah dancing crazy in Jai Ho
Daisy Shah in a dance still 
Daisy discloses her preparations for Jai Ho by saying that she was told to tone down her body before filming the movie. She adds that she was not asked to shed the weight, but to tone a bit as she was not a plump, but was healthier and the toned body brings a great difference in the appearance.

Shooting of Mental Turned Jai Ho

Salman Khan behind the scene on shoot of Jai Ho movie
Salman Khan behind the scene
  • Sohail Khan unveiled his plans in late 2012 of remaking Stalin with title Mental. The project got into action on February 27, 2013, but shooting started in late March 2013 with a new title- Jai Ho.  
  • Salman Khan and Daisy Shah went to Romania for shooting a romantic song for the film.
Salman Khan shooting for Jai Ho movie
Salman Khan while shooting of Jai Ho
  • The wonderland park of Dubai also witnessed some of the crucial scenes of the movie. Some scenes were spotted at the Saif Belhasa Driving Institute. After shooting a sequence with Daisy Shah at Mehboob studio, Mumbai, Salman Khan wrapped the filming process in first week of January. 

Salman Khan Left No Stone Unturned to Promote Jai Ho

Daisy and Salman promoting Jai Ho with kite
Daisy and Salman promoting Jai Ho with kite on Makar-Sankranti 
Bigg Boss house was the platform that first listened the roar of the title cum tagline- Jai Ho. Salman Khan didn't leave any platform of reality television shows to promote Jai Ho.

Jai Ho Promotion at Inorbit mall
Promotion of Jai Ho at Inorbit mall
Jai Ho Promotion with Salman Khan at Worli, Mumbai
Jai Ho team promoting the movie at Worli
Salman Khan at official trailer launch event of Jai Ho
Salman Khan at official trailer launch event of Jai Ho
From world premiere in Dubai to popular reality television shows and in Worli festival to Inorbit mall, he and his co-star Daisy Shah reached at every door to make their film a success.

Promotion at Nach Baliye: Audience Watched the Colorful Chemistry between Salman and Shilpa

Salman Khan and Daisy Shah with Shilpa Shetty at Nach Baliye set to promote Jai Ho movie
This is how it shaped when Salman and Daisy reached on Nach Baliye set to promote Jai Ho
  • Portray of friendship between Shilpa Shetty and Salman Khan was seen stealing all the lime-lights when Salman and Daisy appeared on the set of Nach Baliye. He and Daisy took a rocking entry with giving some signature steps from their movie Jai Ho.
  • During the show, all the time Salman was seen pulling leg of Shilpa, leaving her laughing. Shilpa also supported him sportingly, making the audiences enjoy every bit of their chemistry.
  • Rithvik and Asha also gave a tremendous dance moves with a prop that was curved as alphabet ‘S’. They recreated the moment of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam post performance. To win the eye-to-eye fun-game, the two were supposed to gaze in each others’ eyes and not blink them. The same was later played by Salman and Shilpa, which Salman won.
  • Salman encouraged the contestants and shaken legs on his popular tracks. When Vinod and Raksha performed, Salman got touched with their performance and joined them on stage. The superstar also gave his lucky charm- his bracelet to Vinod and a joyous ride on bicycle to Raksha, making her sit on the back-seat.

Promotion at Dance India Dance AKA DID

Salman and Daisy dancing in Dance India Dance show to promote Jai Ho movie
Salman and Daisy dancing and promoting Jai Ho in Dance India Dance
Salman and Daisy set the stage on fire when they performed on the tracks of Jai Ho in DID. The performances by DID contestants made them enjoy, smile, and also left spellbound with emotional enacts. Dada and Salman made the most of a wheel-prop and entertained the viewers.

Salman ROFLed and Shed Tears in Comedy Nights with Kapil while Promoting Jai Ho

Salman Khan laughing a lot at Comedy Nights with Kapil
Kapil'e family making Salman, Daisy and Sohail enjoy in Comedy Nights with Kapil 
  • Kapil and his family made Salman rolling on the floor through their ever-entertaining andaaz. Where Dadi made Salman going out-of-control, palak reduced him into tears after laughing his heads off. 
  • Salman and Mrs Sharma played husband and wife, enacting the probable in-house scene after Salman’s marriage. 
  • Daisy enthralled the viewers with her dance and later got dragged by Palak to compete with her in dancing. Palak didn’t leave Sohail Khan as well and made him participate in push-ups competition.

Aamir Khan’s Love for Salman Khan

Salman Khan and Amir Khan hugging with smile in a meeting
Two superstars- Salman Khan and Amir Khan meeting warmly
  • A different color of friendship came to light when Salman promoted Aamir Khan starer Dhoom 3 by singing its track ‘Dhoom Macha Le’ in Weekend ka Wow on Bigg Boss set. 
  • In return, Aamir was also nowhere behind and promoted Salman’s Jai Ho through his social networking account and his upcoming show Satyamev Jayate’s promo. 
  • Both the stars have promoted each others’ films through incorporating the title and track in their on-the-shoot dialogues.
It seems cool the way two friends are winning over two competing professionals. 
"Jai Ho!" 

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