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Telegram to Beat WhatsApp: Hottest App Getting Viral with 4.9 Million Downloads In a Day

Telegram: a free instant messaging app for social networking
Telegram to Beat WhatsApp: Hottest App Getting Viral with 4.9 Million Downloads In a Day
The WhatsApp magnetism didn't even fed up and the new hero has entered into market, banging with around five million sign-ups. The new and hot Telegram is smacking, despite appearing like the clone of WhatsApp messaging app. It offers super-fast speed, simplicity in use and security of sharing. The exciting thing is accessibility to your data through any of your device with cloud storage; second, it is free forever; third is its key feature of encryption (privacy & secrecy).
Telegram App logo Icon
Telegram App

Telegram: Quick Look

Application Type: Instant Messaging App
Category: Social Networking
Languages: English, Spanish, Arabic
Developer: Digital Fortress LLC
Copyright: Telegram LLC

Telegram:For Android Devices 

(Click the link for installing the App)

Telegram app running on an Android phone
Telegram app running on an Android phone

Current Version: 1.3.25
Size: 8.9 M
Launch Date: October 20, 2013
Last Updated: February 21, 2014
Supports Android Versions: 2.2 and up to 2.2

Telegram: For iOS Devices 

(Click the link for installing the App)

Telegram App on an iphone
Telegram App on an iphone
Current Version: 2.0.1
Size: 9.4 MB
Launch Date: August 14, 2013
Last Updated: February 12, 2014
Supports iOS: 6.0 or up to 6.0 (Optimized for iPhone 5)
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

Oh Telegram Is a Free App, But How?!

Telegram app on Windows phone
Telegram app on Windows phone
Pavel Durov, the founder of a social networking site VK (also famous as Russia’s Facebook), is supporting Telegram financially. This non-commercial set-up of Telegram is funded by donations from Durov and it is getting technical support from Nikolai Durov. It is not to create revenues and so will remain free. 

The Scope for Telegram: Facts & Figures

Tweets on official page of Telegram App
Tweets on official page of Telegram App

People were happy with giving access to their Facebook account to a company; they were also happy the same way for WhatsApp as well, but now when Facebook has bought WhatsApp, people are finding it scary to give access of two of their accounts to one company.

Interestingly, the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook doubled the users of Threema that is an app with encryption feature. The users seemed ready to pay Rs 184 for the app and in 24 hours, about 2 lack new users paid for it. Facebook bought WhatsApp in $19 billion, but now it is turning to be a tough deal. 

In such scenario, Telegram meets everyone’s requirement and proves to be the hottest app in the market and perhaps that is why about 4.5 million new people downloading it daily.  

Key Features of Telegram: Why One Should Switch to Telegram?

Key features of Telegram App: Private, Cloud-based, Fast, Distributes, Open, Free, Secure, Powerful
Telegram App features: Private, Cloud-based, Fast, Distributes, Open, Free, Secure, Powerful

Easy Sharing and Cloud Messaging

The free app can make you enjoy group chats with more than 200 people, connecting with everyone at the same time. It enables users to share videos with their belongings up to 1 GB. The instant forwarding options facilitate easy sharing of multiple photographs and media. You can also send documents in doc. format or zipped. The cloud messaging allows you to access your stuff from any of your gadgets.

Privacy and Secrecy

People demanding for privacy options can rejoice as secret chats are available on Telegram. It features fully encrypted, end-to-end messaging; your conversation goes to the intended recipient only. The self-destructive function of both the devices does not let anything record because you don’t need to log on their server. It completely secures a user’s right-to-privacy.


The most dramatic deal is its download without any sign up, subscription or yearly fee. It is free and will not ask you to pay bucks even later.  


Its decentralized infrastructure and world-wide positioned data centers make it a speedy messaging app experience. Connecting to your people is easier through it.
Privacy: As WhatsApp has got surrounded under questions of security, Telegram offers a flawless secured network.

Cloud Storage

The cloud messaging and cloud storage facility enables you to access through all of your devices, keeping your data safe. So, you do not need to panic about losing your personal data. Porting is indeed its unique point.

Phone Book

The app not only comes with bug fixes, but also fixes contact duplication in your mobile book when you rename any contact. The phone book handling related options regarding adding new contacts, renaming contacts, and deleting contacts, help you accessing you mobile directory.

Photo Options

You can easily crop a new photo; turn on the feature of automatic photo download and toggle notifications related to ‘contact joined’. 

Worth a hit! Worth an explore! 
Hit it! Enjoy it! And why not, it is offering so much at no cost! 

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