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The Saga of Love: 15 Attempts to Discover It

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Story of What is Love: 15 attempts to define and discover love
The Saga of Love: 15 Attempts to Discover It

Do you know “what is love?” was the most searched phrase on Google queries of 2012? Love, despite being the most beautiful event in an ongoing life, is a question of every heart. What is true love; what is not a real love; what is love all about, these are some riddles that even if a person claims to solve and understand them, no illustration can satisfy every brain. Here you are the best 15 attempts to unveil the much-pondered word and enigma- “Love”.

Definition of Love: The Tale of Discovering It

1. Love is in the Air

Though there is no season of love; the moment you feel it, direction of breeze gets changed and you sense the pleasure of divine. When you go through it, you find the meanings of life; when you go deeper, you visit the heaven.

2. Love is Airy-Fairy

Some people say making love is magical and the most amazing feeling in this universe; a feeling that is extreme and can neither be bought nor sold. Some say it is maddening; you go to the bottom of this ocean, it will make you discover a treasure.

3. Love Itself is a Season; It Is a Gift of God

The nature offers four seasons in which a year is divided- winter, spring, autumn, and summer. The almighty offers one more- the season of love, which is with no holds bar. It makes scorching summers cool and gives warmth in biting cold winters. It makes the color-changing leaves brighter in autumn and the blooming plants attractive in spring. It is a season that embellishes the other seasons at their peak.

4. Love is Rhythm

You have got a good sense of rhythm or not, it doesn't matter. When you are in love, you can sing and hear the strongest pattern of musical notes because it travels from heart to heart. Imagine the moment while you sing for your beloved one or someone special to you sings for you! When rhythm becomes a medium, it turns to love and vice versa.

5. Love is Sufism; Love is God

A symbol of humanism and tolerance- Sufism is a form of apolitical and peace. It is supreme and extreme of love. The practice of love makes one getting conscious about celestial presence of God, maintaining awareness of Him. The goal and aim of ethical self-discipline can be attained by true and passionate love of God, which belongs to a state of complete trust and certainty of God. A person lost in love of God in a condition of dominated spiritual heart and ruh (soul) embraces the divine.

6. Love is Absolute; Love is Fire

Say it tempting season, congenial heaven or appeasing music, it is powerful. When it ignites and you are caught on, you cannot put out the flames. They will burn fiercely, producing lot more. Surprisingly and interestingly it is pleasing, peace-making, and pacifying.

But if your love is one-sided, then it turns to a real baptism of fire. 50 people come together, they can save a fiery house; but if your heart is set on fire, let 50 million people together, they will be able to just console and you will keep going through fire and water. Even the person whom you love cannot let you get out of the frying pan into the fire.

7. Love is Liquid; Love is Ocean

Just said it a fire, and despite it is explicitly justifiable to describe it as a liquid. They both have a common nature of being flexible and altering shape. After taking birth, we learn from our parents what loving, sharing, and caring is all about. Our life starts shaping with their directions. When romantic love comes into life, we mould ourselves the way our mate wants us to be; not to adjust or compromise, but to give space and comfort in relationship. We lead in love and when enter into a new family, weave a beautiful nest. When it further grows, asks for more adaptations and alterations; we do it for our children. We repeat what our parents did in the past for us.

Love remains smooth and continuous, changing the forms. This silky fluid keeps everything going. It is wonderful to probe as discovering the depth of ocean; regardless of you go down with ecstasy, pain or rain.

Altogether it is amazing and awesome to dive in.

8. Love is Historic; Love is Powerful

In times gone by, there are numerous exemplars that proved the power and essence of love. Have you ever thought what was common in several romantic couples who marked their names in golden words on the pages of history? Although every one of them had different situations and different meanings of life, yet the core highlight or foundation remained same- their love.

No matter what personality you are, if it comes to love from a true heart, it is same. You can cross any boundary, fight against anyone, challenge your own strength, and do that you on-your-own never imagined to, eventually adding a new page to the history. Regardless, that page is turned by you or your belongings only, or the world read your story ever long.

9. Love is Passion; Love is Wildness

When you are in love, you go crazy and feel restless. Every detail about and around the person fascinates you. Blood starts to flow passion; you can do anything and everything, breaking all the records.

10. Love is Peace

Love comes into life as a storm and the one who ride out this storm, finds an ultimate peace in it.

11. Love is Purity

In Kalyug, purity has lost its meanings. Here only love is an emotion that keeps it alive. You think from heart and react through soul. There is purity in whatever you do: share, care, trust, hope, believe, or expressing emotions.

12. Love is a Milestone

Being in love, some feels like crossing all the milestones after finding it; others who do not succeed, make it a milestone of the life.

13. Love is Music: Love is Harmony

Just pluck the strings of it and you will be finding the most soothing piece of music. It washes away the dust of soul.

14. Love is Joy; Love is Bliss

To smile and show happiness is the most common symptom of getting into it. You can catch one smiling for no reason when one is in love.

15.Love is Paranormal

Researchers have explored a lot and tried to bound love in boundaries of science, but neither science nor known natural forces could give a logical explanation. Its characters are not phenomenal; they are beyond.

Every time we discover it, love offers new to unveil. Every color that says, “I am Love”, it proves to be wrong as love shows a different shade. Words fell short to speak love. No definition describes the full meaning of love. It is nowhere to be caught, but omnipresent. It incorporates uncountable shades of feelings. If universe or nature is our boundaries, love commences beyond those borders and lasts at no limit.

After sinking into all the discoveries and facts, it seems that only one thing can define it- “Love is mysterious”. And we have only one thing in our hands- “to love, to be loved, and to enjoy every bit of it”.

Those who have been feeling the emptiness in their life, stay tuned because “Good music always knocks the door, so do the true love.” If it doesn't prove worth, keep the windows opened and don’t forget, “You are a special child of God and His surprise is yet to come”.

Spread as much love (romantic and non-romantic) as you can and keep smiling!

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