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10 Contestants & Absolute Talent: Raagini Makkar Group Shined in Star-Studded Grand Finale of IGT

Karan Johar, Kiran Kher, Malaika Arora Khan and top 10 contestants of India's Got Talent reality show
Karan Johar, Kiran Kher, Malaika Arora Khan and top 10 contestants of India's Got Talent reality show

Mind-boggling! Oh my God! Amazing! Awesome! These were the expressions when Indians watched the talents coming to prove their skills on the platform of India’s Got Talent. Who will win the biggest show of talent? The question started long back and the night of result arrived on the International Women’s Day. The grand stage of talent welcomed Amitabh Bachchan and two divas- Madhuri and Juhi. The Khiladi Gauhar Khan also visited the show to promote Khatro ke Khiladi.

The grand finale night started getting its color with announcing the result of Semi Finals of IGT. Among all, the wild card entrant Rohit Jaiswal and Anasua got selected in top 10 finalists of India’s Got Talent Season 5. The show finally introduced its top 10 contestants.

Let’s go on the streets of IGT Season 5 Grand Finale and see how it shaped on the night of results.

The magician Hasan Rijvi left everyone spellbound with his act. Gurpreet came as a surprise entry and danced on dhinka-chika mixer. There came Anshu Kumar with his rock-star look and gave a rocking performance on Shake it Like Shammi. Raghini Makkar and group entered to give a graceful performance in golden attires on Darling, ankhon se ankhe char karne do, which was mixed with classical beats, raagein and taalein.

The live show was opened for voting till 9:30 pm, which was continuing the dhak-dhak wave.

Hargun Kaur looked attractive while singing Mil gayi mein aaj asmaan se in her melodious voice. Saei Jamshed played Jeena Yaha, marna yaha with his magical fingers on piano. It seemed as if all the star-beats gathered in air. The wonder boy looked profession in white suit. Then Jai Ho song’s rhythm and Beat-breakers’ in golden-liquid dress performed a stunt-act to set the stage on flames. The fiery performances compelled the judges to give a standing ovation.

The Airy-fiery act of Rohit Jaiswal, followed by a landing on shower stage stunned the viewers and his balance on two stands added shine to his act. Anasua Chaudhary looked like an international performer in red-stripped yellow-golden outfit while presenting Hungama cchaye re. Funny Boys danced on beats of Aye ji, O ji and Albela Sajan aayo re. The moustaches perked-up their look. They looked in combination of blue, yellow and red tapori styled shirts and police-pants! How creatively funny, isn’t it?!

The variety and standard of the show touched sky on grand finale.

Karan Johar showed his tension in between, “Who will be the winner of IGT and who will merry to Bharti?!” The humor of hosts made the show going on lighter pace as the result of Indias Got Talent final battle was going to get unveiled and the heart beats were running faster in excitement of knowing the results. Bharti came with a grand check of Pakooda Bank and an artificial grand key of car; she made the audience ROFL with her humorous stories.

The grand finale of IGT brought a special video for audiences and fans of judges. The cameras caught the candid moments of judges in a video where Malaika Arora Khan and Karan Johar were seen singing fevicol se and Tooh, and Kiran Kher sang Gaadi chali hole hole. The exclusive video ended with Kiran saying “Lage raho cameramen”.

 Raagini Makkar showed gratitude towards the stage that gave a platform to such a beautiful art form and the group came in Pink-purple costumes, dancing on Gulaabi from Gulaabi Gang. The dancers looked gorgeous in synchronization and their jewelry: teeka, jhumke, aalta and gghungru. Their dance blast ended with entry of two lead stars of Gulaab Gang and Bollywood divas: Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla who looked beautiful in orange-green and mehroon-white saris.

On the grand finale night, Shubhreet Kaur shared her beautiful journey and Beat Breakers shared how they came ahead; who dint had even proper costumes for their performances and so had acted in white painted body.

Zindadil Kaur danced on Zahnaseeb with Gurmeet in matching costumes that were in white and pink combination. The couple looked fabulous. The silver stars on the blue and white outfits of Beat Breakers shined more when they danced on Raat ko hoga hungama, jab chamkega chanda mama by Honey Singh. Madhuri also shook a leg on Chane ke khet mein and as usual, her killer expressions and signature steps looked fresh and entertaining.  

Karan unveiled the reason of Bharti’s presence on the show through a video played with dil wale dulhaniya and kudi kunware songs, which revealed she didn’t come to anchor, but to find her groom. This was followed by announcing Mutthi ka swayamver. Zigar Shah, a contestant who bet to shed weight through his skills came to marry her. There came the servant from Comedy Nights in an old men’s avatar. The buzzer rang for him.

A video on Malaika came out with Hawahavai song where she looked passionate about taking selfies.
Funny boys shared their stories and funny act and their genius comic timing collected applauds; the boys who once were called monkeys, got famous as stars.

Malaika sizzled when performed a belle dance on Mashallah in black outfits. Where Madhuri said “Maar Daala”, Juhi praised her saying, “Mashallah”.

Saei magic fingers Jamshid, who got golden buzzer, played piano in black jacket and white shirt and Hargun sang Muskaane jjhuti hein in sea-green kurta and parallel; Roshail danced on the same in golden outfit. The combination of live singing, dancing and instrumental mesmerized.

Funny boys turned to Punjabi guys in shiny black-brown Punjabi dress and colorful pagdies, performing with Palak on Bole chudiyan, Tooh and Ta ra ra ra.

Anshu Kumar, who wished to shine the name of his village and Patna, performed with Salman on Aas paas hai khuda. Shamak offered his dance training classes to the farmer-son.  Anchors, celebs, guests and judges shared stage on Gghaghara.

The stage shivered when Mutthi and Palak joined each-other on finale stage and fought for their favorite celebs.

Palak presented a shayari for Juhi Chawla on IGT finale:

Har ek ladka mujhe dekh ke ho jata hai baawala
Lekin meri favorite hai, one and only- Juhi Chawala

Mutthi was nowhere behind and came with Bari varsi khatan giya si for Madhuri.

Their favorite Juhi danced on I am the best and Madhuri on tamma tamma, a version of chumma chumma de de. They competed and the winner was – Gulaab Gang. The stars bid farewell after giving a step on Gulaabi to promote their movie.

A video introduced Kiran Kher who was seen in the role of a dedicated manager while giving instructions about property, mike, chairs, camera and light during shooting of the show, to make the process smooth. This was followed by her performance on Tune maari entriyan, giving signature steps of the song and dancing her jhumkas with her.

To give a twist to show, a box appeared and disappeared with a horror laugh. Then Gauhar also visited the IGT Grand Finale to promote Khatro ke Khiladi…Dar ka Blockbuster. The Khiladi Gauhar gave some steps on Jhallah before leaving.

Anushka performed on Ye mera deewanapan hai with Karanveer and on the same track, Rohit showed his balance-act; the coordinated threesome in gray and shiny black dresses gave a jaw-dropping act and to make it four-some, Malaika joined them on stage.

The mysterious box again appeared and disappeared. The Magical Hasan Kamaal Rijvi came again with a dream to raise the Indian Magic art at International Level. On the set decorated with skeletons, boxes and girls, he turned an Amitabh poster into Bhootnaath poster. Then two Allahbadi met at the same show- IGT when Amitabh entered with his popular dialogue, “Rishtey mein to ham tumhare baap lagte hein, naam hai Shehanshah”!

Karan, who always looked eager while shooting to take every kid home that came to IGT, performed with kids on Kuch kuch hota hai, Kabhi khushi kabhi gum, Maa ka ladla bigad gaya, Disco deewane, Shaba Shaba, Rock & roll soniye, Badtameez dil, and Radha on the dance floor. Amitabh also did Shaba-shaba with kids.

In an act- series: Saei played, Hargun sang do lafzo ki hai dil ki kahani, Funny boys acted on Paa, Raagini Makkar group danced on Pag ghungru baandh meera nache, Magician Hasan stunned with his magic, Beat breakers performed lyrical portion, and Subhreet rocked on Kajrare. Amitabh Bachchan joined the group on Kajrare’s fast track.

The voice texture of Amitabh while delivering a dialogue for Bharti floated like a poetic-moment on IGT grand Finale.  Kabhi kabhi mere dil me khayal ata hai and Hadsa ban ke koi khwab bikhar jaye to kya ho were two piece of words that made the audiences fall in love for young heart of Amitabh.

Amitabh promoted party to banti hai and took a selfie.

30 semi finalists performed for finale, 6 got direct entry in semi finals, 10 reached to finale! Among top ten, four became the ‘Top Four’ of Indias Got Talent: brave-heart Subhreet Kaur, Kathak queens Raagini & group, Magical pianist Saei and rocking Beat Breaker.

And the moment of results came, which shined the name of one group, and he announced winner was “Raagini Makkar and Nadyog”. The winning group not only won the trophy of India’s Got Talent, but also an amount of 50 lakh and Maruti Celerio car.

The curtains might got down for IGT, but the talent is floating throughout the India; we wish every participant and other talent-holders of country a very bright future!

Go talent, go!

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