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Bachchagiri in DID L’il Masters Final Auditions: Discovering Top 16 Dance Ke Baap

DID Little Masters set
Beautiful set of DID Little Masters, dance reality show

Super Wings were not enough for those 101 dance maniacs who got them, as they were just the key to open the first gate towards DID L’il Masters’ winning trophy. All of them got set to face the challenge of first round of Final Auditions, which was Choreography Round. 36 Dance Ke Baap secured their positions for performing in second round of Final Auditions: Solo Round. All 36 performed their best to own Golden Wings and mark their names in top 16 contestants of DID L’il Masters Season 3.  

11-year-old Teriya Magar from Nepal entered in black dress and danced on Patli Kamar Matka Ke. The song leaded remembering Shilpa Shetty when the lines came: Mein aayi hu U.P. Bihar Lootne. Her classic moves and killer facial expressions made Master Mudassar saying her all-rounder and the girl who gave expressions like Govinda. She looked totally into the character and gave tremendous switches from soft moves to tough hits.

Rubber doll Aditi in DID Li'l Masters final audition
Rubber doll Aditi in DID Li'l Masters

When Aditi entered on DID stage to perform on Alvida Yaara Alvida, she looked like a rubber doll in red mini skirt over white skinny outfit and pony.

Then, the time came for making the wishes. The kids mentioned their wishes in their demand lists: movie in a month, noodles, burger, pizza, and juice before dance. Where other demanded mostly fast food items, the 10-year-old Aditi required strawberry in first week, strawberry cake in second week, and strawberry-milk shake in third week. Masters fulfilled her wish, giving her a bowl of fresh strawberry; how sweet!
The ghost of dance looked in full swing when two best friends Hardik and Kripesh performed who had come through Mumbai auditions.

DID L’il Masters Final Auditions
DID L’il Masters Final Auditions: Kripesh

10-year-old Kripesh rocked on Ena Meena Deeka and rapid phase with swift and sharp moves, but couldn't grab the Golden Wings. 

Hardik finishing with a cute move in DID L’il Masters Final Auditions
Hardik with his finishing move in DID L’il Masters Final Auditions

Cute and smart Hardik Ruparel had prepared a mixture of contemporary and hip-hop. He performed in silver dress on Is Dil Ka Kya Karu with mixing of extra beats. His buttery moves, clean splits and super fantastic dance not only made him achieving the Golden Wings, but also a sweet hug from Geeta Maa.

DID L’il Masters Final Auditions for getting Top 16
DID L’il Masters Final Auditions for getting Top 16

Guess the name of the boy! Dance is his life, dance is his dream, and white is his lucky color! He is 10-year-old Sadhvin who presented a contemporary dance act and brightened the name of Bangalore and India. His moves were creative, fresh and innovative, yet clean also when he danced on Aye Khuda. The boy got a standing ovation from Master Mudassar and his signature: Chik Chik Boom…Fire! The handsome choreographer and mentor praised his leg extensions, saying him a unique dancer. When Master Geeta gave a proud hug to little child, his father couldn't stop him and busted his emotions into tears.

Bachchagiri of DID L’il Masters in Final Auditions:
Bachchagiri in DID L’il Masters Final Auditions: Sachin and Amaan

And who can forget the name of Sachin?! He shared is greatest tension of getting sleepy. The super confident Sachin entered to DID stage for confusing the judges with his contemporary dance and stretches on Duhai hai. Just one word is enough to describe his act, “Faadu” performance.
Sachin enters and leaves without a shayari, how it could have been possible? So, here is Sachin’s special:

Safar pe hamsafar badi mushkil se milte hein
Tufan pe sahil badi mushkil se milte hein
Gore gaal to bahut milte hein
Gore gaal pe kale til badi mushkil se milte hein

This time he had come with his grandfather who is of 58. He was nowhere behind his grandson while giving the lines in rhyme.

Bachchagiri of Sachin didn’t stop here. On asking about Golden Wings, the boy said that if he gets the Goden Wings, then he’ll dance like Hrithik and if doesn’t, then will dance like Geeta Maa. Ouch! Ye bachche bhi naa!

Mohammad Aman came in black dress with great tricks, windmill, cool and b-boying moves. Because he needed more control and polish his dance skills, he didn’t got Golden Wings.

The moment came when Bhandara boys from Pune performed their dance acts. 12-year-old Sankeit Sakore danced on Chori Chori with neat steps and expressions, Rupesh Bane performed his quick moves in Govinda style, Atharva gave a dance act on Phir Se Udd Chala and looked like an angel in a white dress. 11-year-old Vishal gave a performance on mixing in Ye Dooriyaan in a beautiful purple-black dress. Vishal ended on emotional note with a heart-giving movement for Geeta Maa and ended receiving Master Geeta’s signature words.

Atharv and Roopesh didn’t get wings; Vishal got golden super wings; Sanket neither got out of the contest nor got wings, but was put on stand-by.

Palak dancing beautifully in DID L’il Masters Final Auditions
Palak in DID L’il Masters Final Auditions

Palak who had entered through Kolkata Auditions gave a beautiful poetic dance act on Behta Hai Man Kahi.Her fluency nowhere revealed that she cannot hear; her performance was flawless. Her dance was superb as per Geeta maa, which made her receiving hugs, kisses and blessings from Master Geeta. Master Mudassar gave her a standing ovation and Master Ahmad gave his flying kisses, saying her a fairy who made Master Geeta cry through her dance.

Ananya didn’t got Golden Wings through her performance on Piya re Piya re, but got million bucks advices from Masters. Geeta Maa suggested her to not anticipate and focus on control.

The first show of Final Auditions ended with calling the parents of little kids and making them dance. The choreographers gave them dance moves and the kids and their highly energetic parents shook the legs together. 

They shared and earned joy in group dance, giving a message:
"Dance doesn't ask perfection, it asks for heart and gives sheer bliss!"

Happy dancing!

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