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Dance Blasts by Small Packets in DID Little Masters Kolkata Auditions

Dance Blasts by Small Packets in DID Little Masters Kolkata Auditions; Judges Ahmed, Geeta and Muddassar Khan taking selfie
Dance performances of DID Little Masters in Kolkata Auditions; Judges Ahmed, Geeta and Muddassar Khan taking selfie

The land of Kolkata, from where Dada started his journey, also welcomed DID platform and judges. When small-small feet landed to DID stage in various colorful costumes, they left everyone spellbound as their size and age made it hard to believe on their talent. Let’s be a part of a reality show where innocence and cuteness are served in the dance-acts.

Master Ahmed, Geeta Maa, Muddasar Khan enjoying the Zip Zap Zoom at DID Little Masters
Zip Zap Zoom at DID Little Masters 2014
8-year-old Preyash Pradhan came to DID, bringing the fresh smell of tea leaves. The cute boy played with his cap magically and showed Ishq wala love in his unique way. Preyash brought tea packet and knitted scarves for the judges.

Bachachagiri at Dance India Dance Little Masters 2014 show
Bachachagiri in Dance India Dance 2014
Then a 9-year old Alisha Roy danced with full force on Ddhol baaje. She made the judges a part of her favorite game that she often plays with her younger sister and game was “DID-DID” like ghar-ghar. The girl took the seat of Master Mudassar and judged him, taking his audition on the same track. Master Mudassar made everyone rolling on the floor with his act when turned to a child sportingly.

A Bakad-bam-babam dance presented emotions, but fell short in dance; some more came in dramatic costumes and cute attitude, but as it is Season 3, the judges have got a bit tougher on kids.

Girl dancing on DID Li'l Masters stage
"Sun peeliye!" song at DID Li'l Masters stage

To meet their expectations 11-year-old Nainika from Bhopal came in a yellow outfit and stunned with her beautiful contemporary act. Master Ahmad sang Sun peeliya song for her, inviting her to don the Super Wing. Nainika’s mother gave a tip to judges of laughing therapy to get rid of every-day dust and left the stage leaving everyone laughing.

Favorite of all masters, Anushka on mike at DID Little Masters stage
"Anushka Chetri aap kitni cute ho aapko pata hai", says Master Mudassar
Their laughing therapy brought to a halt when an innocent voice asked, “May I come in Masters?” and grabbed all the attention. The rosogulla girl- Anushka Chetri came in a red-golden outfit and presented a classical dance with 24 spins. The cute girl spilled beans against cameramen and shooting. The girl threatened the masters with her attitude and eventually flied with Super Wing.

Apsara aayi with tremendous timing and one of the Season 2’s top 16s came back to live his dream.
Many incredible dancers gave jaw-dropping moves, but couldn’t crack the deal because of lack of dance.

The boy flying on DID Little Masters stage
Dancing on DID Little Masters set to make parent's dream true!
One more came with the same, but he also put his heart with the flawless and fresh moves in the dance. The boy revealed that he rehearses from 10 am to 10 pm and again wake-up at 2 to practice. His sincerity, six months of training and the passion to make his late parent’s dream come true paid him; the boy inspired every soul present there and gave new meanings to the bond of student-teacher while giving all the credits to his trainer.

Scary dance act at DID Little Masters
Dance India Dance Little Masters: Ooh! It's scary! 
With the welcome rhyme by Master Ahmad, a white-costumed girl with horror make-up and act on Pyar tune kya kiya entered to shiver the viewers. To repeat the same, Manjulika came to remember Zee horror show. Other came in Yam avatar and performed on chumma chumma de de; how the kids come with such odd concepts! He got many flying kisses with this song and his presentation. Master Ahmad and Master Mudassar couldn’t hold them by making fun on stage. Kolkata’s kala-kkhatta gola rocked on this DID stage.

Ashish Das from Guwahati defined contemporary dance in his own way. Ashish das was equal to ten alone. Where Master Ahmad gave him his signature expression; on other hand, his one leg landing in back-summers amazed Master Mudassar.

Children gave new names to Masters: to Ras-Malai Geeta maa, Dahi Bada to Master Ahmad, and Laddu to Mudassar; they must be their favorite dishes.

With some Gandi baat and lungi dance the show continued. One boy challenged with the song No one can dance like me and beat Master Ahmad and Master Mudassar when they joined him on stage.  

Palak from Nagpur commenced with spins, covering all the space and performed gracefully. The adopted girl nowhere showed while dancing that she can’t hear. Palak and her parent’s spirit influenced the audience.

Dance ke Baap and their Bachachagiri in DID Little Masters Kolkata Auditions
Dance ke Baap and their Bachachagiri in DID Little Masters Kolkata Auditions

Rehearsals, improvement and finishing were some elements that decided the future of the contestants. Those dancers who proved them well-placed in their zip-zap-zoom, they owned the Super Wings.

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