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DID L'il Masters Season 3: Kamaal & Dhamaal in Mumbai Auditions

DID L'il Masters Season 3: Kamaal and Dhamaal in Mumbai Auditions
Kamaal and Dhamaal in Mumbai Auditions of DID L'il Masters Season 3 

Don’t go on their size! They may look little, but their pockets are groan with the weight of talent. Kids of Mumbai when reached to give auditions for DID Lil Masters, the dance maniacs proved that they have grown seeing ocean and are deeper in flair.

Hawa hawai dance: Swaagat nahi karoge hamara
Swaagat nahi karoge hamara... (Won't you welcome me?!)

May I come in Ma’am’, a small doll in yellow outfits walked on stage like a diva with these words and mesmerized with her first look. Demanding for welcoming her, she made Master Geeta stand and step to stage for hospitality. Hawahawayi song and her million dollars adaayein! Soon the Gujarati girl Rashi became an apple of eye, leaving her parents wet-eyed with proud. But, as this was DID and technicalities are judged minutely by the sharp eyes of Masters, the girl couldn't grab the Super Wings.

DID Little Masters contestant Hardik
Hardik in DID Little Masters
One of the kids turned dance-worms, Hardik looked charming. Everything that he performed from stunt to contemporary portion to b-boying moves, they were swift, smooth and indeed mind-boggling. The trained (3-years) dancer left everyone repeating ‘Oh wow! Oh wow!’ and wondering on his polished moves. After getting the signature salutes from all three masters, the boy in golden-glittery outfit got Super Wing and flied.

Dance Little Masters Season 3 (Mumbai audition)
Monark performing in Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 3 (Mumbai audition)
11-year-old Monark Trivedi from Junagarh came to present not UK, not America, but to Asia. Mixing in Gustakh dil and mixing of his dance moves was the height of the DID performances.

There came a Kamli from Pune, followed by many more from Pune- a city where Master Ahmad also studied. Making fun and enjoying the panache of dance, the show continued finding one more- Vishal Jadav. Fond of lyrical, the boy not only danced, but also played with his cap while performing on Phir se udd chala. Superb digiting and soft popping mixed-up with clarity, precision and expression made him a brilliant performer.

Roopesh made everyone remember Govinda with his entertaining dance moves, making Master Ahmad share stage and shake a leg with him. Whether say them live bombs, silver storms or fine-line dancers, they were louder than the crackling of fire.      

Greeting card with lovely message for Master Geeta in DID Little Masters Season 3
Master Geeta reading message of greeting card in DID Little Masters Season 3

Devashish danced on Bavra man dekhne chala ek sapna like poetry. To repeat the same magic, his brother gave a contemporary act on Tujhko jo paya. Geeta Maa got special love from kids in form of greeting card. A golu-molu girl shared the recipe of being cutie-pie, which was the application of kajal  (Kohl) and powder.

Incredible Yash and his contortion at a great level amazed the masters and audiences. His zip-zap-zoom rocked and sent him a step forward at DID stage.

Where DID L'il Masters gave hope to many hearts, some got inspired and more passionate for dance. Some got Super Wings and some moved to their homes, keeping their dreams safe in eyes for next DID Season. However, talent itself has wings, not Super Wings though, but one can make it brighter through filling colors of hard work. So, all the best for next to those who got selected; those who couldn't crack the deal, keep trying! Keep hoping! The world is yours and so the talent!   

Search of Dance ke Baap Continued on DID Little Masters Season 3

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