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Grand Premier of Top 16 DID Little Masters: Bachchagiri Continued!

Grand Premier of Top 16 DID Little Masters contestants: Bachchagiri Continued with Master Muddasar Khan!
Grand Premier of Top 16 DID Little Masters contestants: Bachchagiri Continued!

On much awaited and much reminded Grand Premier's night of March 22, Grandmaster aka Dada introduced the skippers and their little kids in his own style.

Grandmaster Mithun Chakraborty performing at DID Little Masters stage
Grand Premier of top 16 contestants of DID Little Masters: Grandmaster Mithun Chakraborty setting the stage on fire!

With his swag:
  • Raghav Ke Rockstars came saying Sada haq aitthe rakh.
  • Sanam Ke Super Heroes became Ishaqzade.
  • Swarali Ke Sparklers came to dhamal on Nach le Nach le.
  • Rahul-Paul Ke Rapchik Punters presented My name is Lakhan in jhakkas style.
Grandmaster, Judges and Skippers of DID Li'l Masters Season 3
Grandmaster, Judges and Skippers of DID Li'l Masters Season 3

Everyone’s favorite Geeta Maa and Master Ahmad Khan also graced the DID show. The atom bomb of talent Master Mudassar seemed missing from DID Little Masters’ grand premier.  

Dada praised the talented host Jay’s tortoise dance in his own way, pulling his leg and teasing him as usual. To present the grand Bachchagiri and great dance moves, Jay Bhanushali commenced the journey of introducing the top 16 DID Little Masters of 2014. Let’s meet them with their performances in couples!

Sanam Ke Super Heroes 

Skipper Sanam Ke Superheroes in DID Little Masters 2014
Skipper Sanam Ke Superheroes in DID Little Masters 2014

Anushka & Hardik in Pair

Song: Sari ke Fall sa
Dance Style: Bollywood & free style
Costumes & Look: Anushka in stitched yellow sari with pink and blue border; Hardik in black pant, purple shirt and French beard


The kids looked cute in elders' dress- suit and sari, making a charming couple. Their superb lifts were amazing and chemistry was super cool. 

Where Master Ahmad told them both dramebaaz  and champion, Master Geeta praised the shoulder-shaking steps. She also advised to make improvements in the landing; otherwise it was a nice opening act for her.

Hardik spilled beans about how Anushka made the most of choreography and gifted 15 back-to-back slaps.

Bachchagiri Moment

You must have seen people longing and discussing the accessories of celebrities, but when little Anushka asked to Dada that from where he bought his locket, Grand-master looked speechless. The little girl also unveiled that her mother beats her papa with belan and at the end of their war, her Papa always says sorry to her mother. Oops! Poor parents must have thought, "next time we will fight after sending Anushka to her school".

Anudita & Devashish in Pair

Jai, Master Geeta and little kid in a candid moment at DID Li'l Masters Season 3
DID Li'l Masters Season 3: Anudita and Devashish performing (side images) on DID stage
Jai, Master Geeta and little kid in a candid moment (middle image)

Song: Kucch to hai tujhse Raabta
Dance Style: Modern Contemporary
Costumes & Look: Beautiful yellow and white dress


The blend of magical choreography and the synchronization, coordination and completeness made their performance graceful. They came depicting Sun and Moon with their concept; their amazing body-length, nice concept and over-all performance as couple made Masters saying them the shadow of their Skipper Sanam. Master Ahmad advised them to add the soul in it. Dada praised about their finishing lines, giving them his grand salute.

Bachchagiri Moment

Devashish pleaded Geeta Maa to come with him on a ride on his bicycle. The boy had been bringing his cycle from a long back, but this was day when finally Geeta Maa shared a candid moment with Devashish and Jay. 

Swarali Ke Sparklers

Skipper and Dance Maniac Swarali Ke Sparklers in DID Little Masters Season 3
Skipper and Dance Maniac Swarali Ke Sparklers in DID Little Masters Season 3

Prathmesh & Palak in Pair

Song: Love ki ghanti, with mixing of Colaberry di 
Dance Style: Bollywood Style
Costumes & Look: Dark purple dress with combination of black and white colors


Palak and Prathmesh brought the concept where the boy sees a dream about his girl. Their act, expressions and dancing gave a proud moment to Grandmaster. 

Candid Moment

The mom of Prathmesh and true fan of Grandmaster Mithun shared she wears sari, but for him she donned a suit. She gave a shy moment to Dada and also shared stage, shaking a leg with him. 

Deepak & Aditi in Pair

Song: Maanja from Kai Poche
Dance Style: Contemporary
Costumes & Look: White and blue dress

Little Masters Overcame the Tough Situation with Their Spirits

Showing the relation of brother and sister, Deepak and Aditi gave a beautiful start. During a move of the act, when Deepak was supposed to make her wearing his sweater, his shirt also came off and got stuck to his hand. 

But the kids shinned as the great performers as they continued. The duo gave single-handed lifts; their timing was great and most importantly, they didn't stop. They danced with the stuck shirt and proved they are small, but from their size only. Though the girl broke down after the act as after-all they are the 'kids'.

Despite the situation-flows, Masters motivated them saying their performance like a sea shore, breathing and lulling. Master Ahmad said their dance was waving and they gave a master stroke. He came to stage and gave them two flowers. Dada encouraged them with a grand salute. 

Rahul-Paul Ke Rapchik Punters

Rahul-Paul Ke Rapchik Punters in DID Little Masters Season 3
Rahul-Paul Ke Rapchik Punters in DID Little Masters Season 3

Sadhvin & Rajvir in Pair

Song: Badtameez dil
Dance Style: Freestyle Hip-hop
Costumes & Look: Wild jungle look in black and green outfit


They presented the fusion of tribe with modern dance, presenting good start and end.  Sadhvin and Rajvir gave an energetic performance with strong expressions, but skipped the co-ordination somewhere.

Dada said Mumtaaza for the risk the skipper had taken as they came with such concept for the very first act of the kids.

Advika & Sachin in Pair

Sachin and Advika performing together in DID Li'l Masters
DID Li'l Masters: Sachin and Advika performing together

Song: Gopala
Dance Style: Bollywood Freestyle
Costumes & Look: Advika in traditional costume and Sachin donned dhoti Kurta


The little Shayar Sachin and Advika used their props very well. The murgi-chor theme rocked! Master Ahmad was happy as the concept closed Sachin in the box. Their small-small elements like one-handed cartwheel move bound their act in a circle of 'good'. 

Advika shared how Sachin pestered her during rehearsals by pretending stomach-ache and going to washroom repetitively.  

Bachchagiri Moment

Sachin shocked everyone saying he doesn't like Grandmaster. When asked why, Sachin replied he doesn't has mustache and a person is poor without it. Ouch! He further added that he likes Jay and he is a biggie for the same reason. 

One can imagine how it would have been a nightmare for Skippers Rahul and Paul to have him in their Rapchik Buter's team. 

When Dada told about cutting his marks, the smart and quick-witted Sachin turned to a shayar and his reply was somewhat like the following:

"Jindagi ke liye jaan chahiye
Jeene ke liye armaan chahiye
Hamare pass chahe kitne bhi gam ho
Dada aapke chehre pe bas muskaan chahiye"

"Aansu na hote ankho me to ankhe khubsurat na hoti
Dard na hota dil me to khushiyo ki keemat na hoti
Ye to aap jese payare log hein varna 
DID me aane ki himmat naa hoti"

Just one word for Sachin, increadible! 

Raghav Ke Rockstars

Raghav Ke Rockstars in DID Little Masters 2014
Raghav Ke Rockstars in DID Little Masters 2014

Gaurav &Teriya in Pair

Song: Dhating naach
Dance Style: Bollywood Style, little Slow Motion
Costumes & Look: denim and golden-pink


Teriya matched tremendously with Gaurav as it was his genre; she was even stronger at some points. They did superb slow motion moves and back to back lifts with supporting each other.

Vishal & Sidhant in Pair

Song: Sun raha hai na tu
Dance Style: Lyrical Hip Hop
Costumes & Look: Red jacket, white t-shirt, black lower


The smooth and magical slow motion of Sidhant and Vishal amazed everyone. Their beautiful and fresh choreography and magical movements brought standing ovation from audience to them. Sidhant played the soul of Vishal and the couple portrayed the concept brilliantly, leaving Master Ahmad remembering his sons: Subhan and Azaan. Little kids showed great understanding to the concept and got grand salute from Dada. Sidhant gave his tears of joy and made his mom crying. 

Best Performance of the Grand Premier of DID Li'l Masters 

Vishal and Sidhant from Raghav Ke Rockstars 
Though all the did dance songs, styles and performances floated beating each other, but what shined was a soulful attempt with beautiful concept.

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