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Masters Discovering Top 16 Dance Ke Baap of DID Little Masters Season 3 in Final Auditions

Rahul and Paul, Raghav, Swarali, Sanam dancing in DID Little Masters show
Rahul and Paul, Raghav, Swarali, Sanam on DID Little Masters stage

What do you think; it’s final audition, so kids will become serious? Naah! Kids are kids, and Bachchagiri is their oxygen! Whether it is Final or non-final auditions, no power can stop the Dance Ke Baap. If you don’t believe, read below and know how small crackers blasted huge on stage!
Final auditions of DID Li'l Masters Season 3: Yashu and Anushka
DID Li'l Masters Season 3 final auditions: Yashu and Anushka

Words are falling short in describing the highest degree of cuteness. Little kids look pretty in whatever they wear, but when a baby girl dons sari, your eye balls just come out with a smile and two words: how sweet! When Anushka Shetri came in sari, she already won the hearts, but her song selection just perked up her performance. She presented Chikni Chameli at 8 like a professional item girl; no, item doll!  Master Mudassar and Master Ahmad couldn’t stop them and joined her on stage.

Mashallah! Yashu came in yellow outfit and danced on Mashallah; the boy proved he is a versatile dancer as his dance genre and song selection was quite different from the audition.

Dada must have enjoyed while watching this episode as Kapil did his job of teasing Master Mudassar with his new popular name- Masoor Daal and the sporty Master’s fans must have started eating masoor daal at homes. Kapil gave his best while performing on Dil hote jo mere seene mein to.

Preyash danced on Sau dard hein and made master Ahmad dance with his family members.

Masters announcing the results for top 16 of DID Li'l Masters Season 3  after final auditions
Final auditions: Masters announcing the results for top 16 of DID Li'l Masters Season 3  

The songs of Yo Yo Honey Singh are already incorporates tremendous energy in their beats, the level went on peak when10 year-old Prathmesh danced on his popular tracks like Haye Mera Dil and Dope Shope. His popping, expressions and moves were amazingly in sink. The boy came in black hat and rocked in hero-style. What a confidence at this age! The boy who had come from Mumbai auditions, also performed on Blue eyes hypnotize and truly mesmerized with what he did. The dance-lover, indeed dance-maniac belongs to a small village where the facilities are not that proper for learning dance forms, but a passionate soul can find his ways in dark too, Prathmesh is an exemplar of it.  

Where Master Geeta liked the combination of his good dancing and song selection, Master Ahmad told him a live wire and bomb. Master Mudassar reached to stage and gave him a warm hug, saying he had given the best urban hip-hop of DID Li’l Masters Season 3.

Both Prathmesh and Anushka got the Golden wings, securing their place in top 16.

Monak and Divyansh in DID Li'l Masters Season 3 final auditions
DID Li'l Masters Season 3 final auditions: Monak and Divyansh 

Monak also performed on dope shope. Then Master Mudassar gave him a challenge where on his signal, the boy was supposed to change his facial expressions. Monak gave them like a live commentary and proved he has mastery on this, but he didn’t leave the Master Mudassar as well, giving him the same challenge and making him play on Kisi disco me jaye. This is called Bachchagiri boss!

When Divyansh performed in Michael Jackson style on Titli in white suit and hat, Geeta Maa couldn’t hold her from saying him a sharp dancer.

But as it was season 3 and competition was too tough, Monak and Divyansh couldn’t manage to grab the Golden wings, but Monak’s diamond words touched the masters.

Fenil Chanda Rana from Rajkot, Gujrat came with his dadaji and danced on Sau Dard hein. 

Performance in final audition of DID Little Masters in Season 3
DID Little Masters in Season 3 final auditions
11-year-old Anudita from Kolkata gave a feather-like dance act on Kabhi jo badal barse anudita. 

Kids after performances in final auditions of DID Li'l Masters Season 3
The boys after giving their performances in final auditions of DID Li'l Masters Season 3 

One more act on Madhuban mein Radhika was presented where the beautiful make-up was donned by a boy who played Krishna.

Anudita got selected in top 16 of DID Little Masters, owning the Golden Wings.

Dance performance by Yogesh in DID Li'l Masters Season 3 final auditions
Yogesh in a still while performing in DID Li'l Masters Season 3 final auditions
The episode premiered on March 16, 2014 also brought a breath-taking dub-step hip-hop dance by 10-year-old Yogesh who gave a rocking act on Tujhe bhula diya. He got standing ovation from Master Mudassar. Bollywood King came with innovative moves this time and 12-year-old Sidhant presented the Ishq wala love, but both were put on stand-by the masters.

Deepak and Venkatesh in final audition of DID Li'l Masters Season 3
Result time: Deepak and Venkatesh in final audition of DID Li'l Masters Season 3
Final auditions of DID Li'l Masters
A boy after his performance in Final auditions of DID Li'l Masters
To impress the masters was not a piece of cake; they judged every step very minutely and then gave their decisions. They found some moves beautifully stable like the performance of Devashish on Tera chera jab nazar aye; on the other side, some acts were old fashioned for them in choreography like the performance on song Aankhein khuli ho ya ho band. Some acts were so close that it proved tough for masters to say 'no' and they put the kids on stand-by. Venkatesh was also one of them. 

Contestants waiting for result in final audition of DID Li'l Masters Season 3
Contestants of  DID Li'l Masters Season 3 waiting for their result of final audition 

Popular signature moves of Skippers Raghav Juyal and Swarali in DID Li'l Masters Season 3
Skippers Raghav Juyal and Swarali in their popular signature moves for DID Li'l Masters Season 3

Skippers Paul Marshal and Rahul dancing in DID Li'l Masters Season 3
Skippers Paul Marshal and Rahul shaking a leg in  DID Li'l Masters Season 3 to mesmerize the audiences 

Skipper Sanam Johar performing his dance steps in DID Li'l Masters Season 3
Skipper Sanam Johar in a dance still for  DID Li'l Masters Season 3 in final auditions

Where the kids were showing their talent and winning the hearts, there were five more kids who couldn't come to initial auditions, but managed to enter on final auditions; they were the talented skippers who later will polish the skills of top 16 little kids of DID Li'l Masters Season 3. They set the stage on fire and proved why they are holding the place of skippers. All Swarali, Raghav, Sanam, Paul and Rahul presented their special dance forms and signature moves, leaving the audiences spell-bound with their amazing choreography.  

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