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Satyamev Jayate 2: Aamir Left Viewers Dreaming of a Society without Garbage by Waste Management

Satyamev Jayate 2: Aamir Left Viewers Dreaming of a Society without Garbage by Waste Management
Aamir Left Viewers Dreaming of a Society without Garbage by Waste Management in an episode of Satyamev Jayate 2

Waste Is Wealth: Reduce Reuse, Recycle

Satyamev Jayate brought those people at one set, who have visited foreign countries at least for once. With raising the issue of cleanness around us, the show started asking why our country is not as cleaner as other nations.

How Are We Paying Huge to Garbage Scam Through Taxes?

Municipalities spend about 2 thousand 300 crore rupees to keep our country clean and this amount is taken as tax from us. But, if we and system want, this amount can be drastically reduced and in fact can turn to something productive.

We Generate 16 Crore of Garbage in a Day?! It’s a Valuable Resource!

Our country is generating16 crore worth of garbage every day. It goes to dumping grounds, which is coming back to us through food, air and water because that trash is not treated properly. Chicken Guniya types of deadly diseases are increasing in those places, where this trash is stored. We are not safe, for sure. Garbage, if not treated properly, may be harmful to our health.

Garbage Is Filling Pockets, But of Whom?

Activist Rishi Aggarwal joined Aamir in chat about the issue and unveiled the truth that bureaucratese, politicians and municipalities, means the over-all system is not doing their job correctly (May be they are not aware of facts).

Dumping grounds are a public place, but given to private parties with tipping fee. The tipping amount is about 500 rupees per ton and one truck carries about 5-6 tons of trash. Both dumping grounds and garbage-trucks take money. The sad part is, despite taking money they are not processing it.

Are We Following the Principle Rule of Waste Management?

Aamir Khan addressing the audience in Satyamev Jayate 2 talk show
Aamir Khan addressing the audience of Satyamev Jayate 2

Dry garbage as plastic, paper, glass items and wet garbage as remaining foodstuff should be ‘reduced, reused, recycled’, but it is not followed throughout our country. Unfortunate but true! Our nation badly need a strong system of garbage disposal and management.

Are We Sleeping?!

There are 10-15 technical ways to stop this crisis. One of them was used for Mumbai garbage. Dr. S. R. Maley talked about his project where he worked on 80 foot of garbage that was collected in Mumbai.

They used the trick of sanitization through herbal products to treat the garbage through bacteria, flies and recycling.

1 hector place was cleaned in 9 lakh of amount; later, the same project was given in contract of 69 crores by the system to a party.

What Is the Solution to Turn Waste into Wealth?

Firstly, we need to separate the garbage in two: dry and wet. The wet garbage is bio-degradable and can be compost. It can be a balanced plant-food for farms.
Amazingly, 1 lakh 60 thousand of garbage can be turned to 90 lakh tons compost can be created, which values equal to 27 thousand crore. This can turn 45 lakh crore of land productive.

Magical Idea of Dealing with Garbage: ‘Everything Should Go Back to Nature’

Tata Institutes’ canteen is using a tremondous plant for waste management. Scientist of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Dr. Sharad Kale shared his research work that revealed that the garbage is not a trash, but a property. 40-50 kilo compost can be produced, but we are not using the garbage resource. 1 ton of garbage can be turned into 2 LPG gas cylinder through decentralized bio gas plant. The research centre provides this technique in minimal cost that is 25 thousand rupees

Dumping Yard Free Society

Entrepreneur Nuriel Pezarkar shared his project on the show, which was a great one. He said, they will not take any tipping fee from municipalities and the proposal can generate some revenue back for Municipalities as well.

He said that he proposed this to relative people, but amazingly the corporations said that they don’t have garbage.

Indian and Foreign System

Burning the garbage is a way that foreign counties uses. Such processes create problems as getting ashes on clothes and body that generated problems and even can give cancer.

We generate 60-70 % wet trash. It is opposite in foreign; they generate 60-70 % dry garbage. Some foreign countries burn the garbage, which is not the suitable way for our country as this process will produce dioxin gas. Dioxin is a compound that was used to burn forests in 1960’s and the side-effects are still appearing.

Such plant was once established in 1984 in 34 crores. It claims to generate electricity, which is too less in amount as most of the garbage is wet in our country.

Swach Helping Waste Pickers: A Dedicated Team to Make the Surrounding Cleaner

In India, 13 to 15 lakh people work with the garbage; their work and life are tougher. Swach with 25000 females are saving about 20 crores from their work.

Their reality revealed two major issues:
  • First: The situation of people working with garbage is not well in our country. Neither they are treated well nor do people pay them what they deserve.
  • Second: They don’t have proper place to deal with that trash.

Swach gave new meanings and dignity to the life of garbage pickers in Pune. Bangalore is an exemplar as it is the only city in our nation that has 80 centers for waste collection.

Innovative Thought! Productive Idea!

  • Warangal Municipal Corporation of Andhra Pradesh started clean city championship.
  • Dr. Janardhan Reddy, the commissioner started taking meeting on dump yards, instead of in office, so that the senior officers can see and understand the situation.

Vellore Model: Run by Animals

Ducks and chickens are employed to this project in morning shifts, and frogs and earthworms in night shifts. Cows live a retired life. These employees neither take salary, nor go on holidays.
Yes! In this model, the garbage is excluded of methane by going through bio-digester and given to earthworms and they give compost. The wastage is collected to create vermin that becomes the food of chickens and they give eggs. The rejected vegetable of market our given to cows; they get their food and give dung that is used to produce compost. Ducks like the garbage of fish market, which make them grown and give eggs.

Waste Management through Vellore Model on a Wide Scale

For making such model a success, decentralization is important and imperative are SLRN centers at every 2 km of distance.  Such project can change the scenario of Mumbai kind of city in one and half years.

Facts & Figures

The hairs can earn 2.5 thousand rupees per kilo.
The garbage of every home can be turned to 3 rupees.

These Projects Are Cool! What about Plastic in Garbage?

Plastic is not biodegradable. Prof. Vasudevan can use discarded plastic to build streets/roads. The use of plastic can indeed help in binding the stones and charcoal better.
So next time:

“Don’t throw plastic on road, but use plastic to build roads.”

80-year-old, Ms. Almitra Patel has visited about 20 countries to research in this field. Her contribution is commendable as her efforts helped in passing the Solid Waste Management Rule; salute!
We may not be that courageous or we may not have that much time to contribute in this field, but we surely can accomplish an easier home-work: to give the trash to municipality people after separating the dry and wet garbage.

Who doesn’t like a clean and fresh surrounding?! But, to get something, we have to give efforts. And when the efforts are so effortless, then let’s do it!

Wish you a happy and clean day ahead!

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