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Search of Dance ke Baap Continued on DID Little Masters Season 3

DID Little Masters Season 3 audition venue to search Dance Ke Baap
Search of Dance ke Baap Continued on DID Little Masters Season 3

Delhi and Mumbai auditions were back, but this time masters also joined the participants in Bachchagiri. Let's see what cooked on DID platform! 

Cchota don, Yogesh Sharma from Mathura wanted to leave gundagirdi and follow dancing. His performance started with lyrical portion, followed by jjhanjhariya. He gave pretty mature actions and Bollywood dance with tadka of masti! His ethnic mother came with a baby girl to see her child’s dance. The brother of five sisters became popular as Kanhaiya.  

5-year-old Garvita Valia from Shonipat came with broom and performed on one-two-three-four. The girl reminded Master Mudassar that Dada had put his name Masoor Daal. The girl dived in air and gave her kiss-gift to Master Ahmad. She made Master Geeta shook a leg with her. Master Ahmad also dived and came up with Super wing. The girl was a super chatter-box.

The kids waiting for their turn talked about the children power and looked in full form.

A kid performing Lungi dance on the stage of DID Little Master Season 3
Lungi dance on the stage of DID Little Master Season 3

A small boy in white lungi over lower and brown sports shoes performed a lungi dance. Another dance ka baap came in outfit that was amazing in combination and it seemed as if the season of lungi came on DID auditions. One more came in lungi, but this time the boy performed on I am nariyal pani wala.

7-year-old Ishita Gurung from Dehradun, with nick-named Golu-Molu came in a graceful outfit and gghungru. The expression queen danced on Inhi logo ne le liya dupatta mera, donning teeka, long hair-braid, aalta. The daughter of an army-man shared she misses her father on her birthdays and feels bad that her father doesn’t find time because of his duty.

Master Ahmad shared his experience of going to BSF, the location where there was no TV, no other entertaining stuff. The entire set listened Vande Matram and saluted her father.

Some came to jealous their friends after coming on TV, some wanted to make more friends after coming on TV. Other wanted to be famous, wanted to don make-up so that her teacher do not scold.

A sweet girl in dark purple outfit came and performed with knife on maar diya jaye ki cchod diya jaye.
Laila mein laila dance in pink dress showed her wish of doing modeling. The girl did cat-walk with Master Mudassar. The show tuned to a fashion show. A class-monitor girl danced on Darling akho ko ankho se chaar karne do did a ring dance in golden-black dress. A boy performed with masti-majak and fun on Arey wah wah wah and sang a song for Master Geeta Hai tu hi meri pyari maa.

Then a question arouse, who is best “Mumma or Papa”. Most of the children went for mother, reason? Papa to band bajaye! Ouch!

11-year-old Siya Singh raised the issue of Baal-Vivah on lyrics followed by baavra man dekhne chala ek sapna. The emotional act, beautiful contemporary dance and strong choreography left the audiences with claps and words of appreciation. The performance made Geeta maa say, she wants to see her as one of the finalists. The girl’s mother is a single parent because she gave birth to a girl. Every viewer will echo, “Her father is going to regret as the small baby has grown to a beauty with talent”. Her innocence, brightness and cuteness won every heart. Kudos to her and her mother, what Jasba!

A boy impressed the judges not only through his dance on Mein jaha rahu but with his 6 abs.

Joail David, a 12-year-old boy with his tough looks and strong steps rocked on the stage. The fearless boy is not afraid of anyone except his teacher who beats him. Oops! His mother, who had crush on Master Ahmad during Rangeela days, made him share stage with her on Rangeela. Master Ahmad addressed his mother as Urmila and made her wish come true.

Fenil Chanda Rana danced on Ishq wala love. He gave a cool, soothing, smooth and creatively innovative performance. The handsome hunk performed like a star. The Gujrati boy came with his dadaji who has been supporting him from long back. Going against his father, Fenil’s dadaji made his grandson’s dream his own and came to Mumbai lying to his father. So sweet! May God bless everyone with such pure bonding! The lyrical portion by the boy touched Master Mudassar. All the three judges joined them on stage, danced with them and made dadaji don the Super Wing. Their relation got marked on history of DID and left viewers wishing such bond in their relations.

There came a boy performing on Ibn-e-batuta; a girl danced on Darling ankhon ko ankho se pyar karne do. Venkatesh touched the masters and one other declared DID a dance personified show.

The small, talented kids looked excited about performing on mega auditions after getting the Super Wings. The reality dance show has been airing on a peak level of cuteness and has totally turned to a spot of bachchagiri. This is the scenario at audition level; we viewers wonder and are excited about how it will shape in mega auditions and in further levels. 

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