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The Story of Baby Doll Sunny Leone's Ragini MMS 2

Baby Doll Sunny Leone, Ragini MMS 2 movie heroine
Baby Doll Sunny Leone, Ragini MMS 2 movie heroine

In Ragini MMS, the fusion of fact and fiction was served with some mystic powers, with aim of buffering the movie to give the audiences a spine-chilling experience. After the scary date movie, Sunny Leone starer Ragini MMS 2 got released to beat the prequel with scarier and bolder filming.

As the movie Ragini MMS 2 is a sequel of Ragini MMS, it commences with the new story, continuing the previous one that was based on the real-life story of a Delhi-based girl whose MMS had got viral and circulated.

Story of Ragini MMS 2: Casting and Characters

In Ragini MMS, Ragini and Uday was a young couple who went to an out-of-the-way farmhouse for a dirty weekend. Uday had planned to shot the MMS. Soon the couple faces the supernatural that horrifies them. The house on the outskirts of Mumbai sets the couple witnesses the metaphysical, leaving them on the mercy of some creepy and paranormal forces. The MMS goes viral and scandalizes; Uday disappears; Ragini goes to a lunatic asylum.

The whole incident pulls the interest of a movie maker whose team reaches to the same house where the MMS was shot. Their shooting programs turn to the scary events. These creepy events start from when the director’s lead heroine Sunny Leone, playing the role of Ragini, gets locked in the asylum. The writer of the story, working on the project, senses something unusual. The movie comes with the corporeal and horror quotient.

Quick Look: Overview of Ragini MMS 2

Sunny Leone in official poster of Bollywood movie Ragini MMS 2
Sunny Leone in Ragini MMS 2  movie poster

Genre: Thriller, Horror
Sequel of: Ragini MMS (2011)
Production Companies: ALT Entertainment, Balaji Motion Pictures
Producers: Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor
Director: Bhushan Paterl
Assistant Creative Director: Manasi Jage
Editor: Tushar Shivan
Concept Writers: Suhani Kanwar, Tanveer Bookwala
Screenplay by: Suhani Kanwar, Tanveer Bookwala
Dialogues by: Ishita Moitra
Casting by: Aadore Mukherjee Mehra
Ragini MMS 2 Star Cast: Sunny Leone, Parvin Dabad, Divya Dutta, Sandhya Mridul, Karan Mehra, Saahil Prem
Choreographers: Raju Khan, Gaiti Nair, Atul Jindal, Uma Shankar
Cinematographer: Naren Gedia
Costume Designer: Ami Patel
Action: Abbas Ali Moghul

Country: India
Language: Hindi
Sets & Shooting Locations: India
Distributor: Balaji Motion Pictures
Running Time: 119 minutes
Release Date: March 21, 2014
Certification: A

Music Label: T-Series
Music Directors: Yo Honey Singh, Pranay Rijia, Meet Bros Anjjan, Chirantan Bhatt
Music Composers: Yo yo Honey Singh, Meet Bros Anjjan, Chirantan Bhatt, Pranay Rijia
Background Music by: Amar Mohile
Lyricists: Kumaar, Ustad Bhagdarh, Manoj Yadav
Singers: Yo Yo Honey Singh, Meet Bros Anjjan, Mustafa Zahid, Kanika Kapoor, Kshitij Tarey, Arpita Chakraborti
Music Running Time: 25:41
No. of Ragini MMS 2 mp3 Songs: 6
Music Release Date: February 14, 2014

Preparations by Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone in attactive pink c-cut costume at Ragini MMS 2 promotional tour
Sunny Leone in a beautifully designed pink dress at a promo tour of Ragini MMS 2 

Before starting the filming process, Sunny had attended a workshop to act right in the movie. Agreeing for the early visits, she gave around 10 days for practicum. Her co-star also gave his involvement.

Shooting of Movie: Development

The filming process got started near January 15, 2014.

Soundtracks of Ragini MMS 2:

Making of Sunny Leone Featuring Baby Doll Mein Sone Di

Sunny Leone  in Baby Doll song of Ragini MMS 2 movie
Sunny Leone in Baby Doll mein sone di
  • Sunny Leone’s Baby Doll took a breaking entry on trendy video-showing sites, got viral in first week of release and emerged as the most popular song in 10 days. The track became the favorite one in discos and clubs.
  • The lyricist Kumar has penned it and Meet Bros Anjjan has composed this famous soundtrack. Arif Lohar’s remix, Jugni had famed the London-based Kanika Kapoor; she tastes the same with singing the song for Ragini MMS 2, marking her successful Bollywood debut.
  • The shooting of the song Baby Doll is being done in 9 sets.

Chaar Botal Vodka Featuring Sunny Leone and Yo Yo Honey Singh

Sunny Leone and Yo Yo Honey Singh on Ragini MMS 2 movie promotion
Yo Yo Honey Singh with Sunny Leone at promotion event of Ragini MMS 2
  • The quirky lyrics and chartbuster rapping have been the USP of the tracks by ‘Yo Yo’; now, when this brilliant rapper shared screen with Ragini MMS 2’s lead actress Sunny Leone for Chaar Botal Vodka, it was obvious that the track will be welcomed by the success runway. It happened and the soundtrack shined.
  • The other song Maine Khud Ko has also tasted success on audio music sites. 

Ragini MMS 2 Music Launch Event: Baby Doll Promotion by Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone looking hot in golden jacket and skinny outfit for music launch event of the Ragini MMS 2 at Infinity mall, West Mumbai
Sunny Leone in a golden jacket and skinny outfit at the Ragini MMS 2 music launch event
Venue: Infinity mall, West Mumbai

Sunny Leone and Ekta Kapoor chose Infiniti mall of West Mumbai to launch the music of Ragini MMS 2 movie. The team got a huge response by a massive audience and Sunny didn't disappoint the viewers as she presented an exclusive performance on Baby Doll. The talk-of-town girl gave a cage dance and mesmerized the mass. Ekta also addressed the audience.  

Rumors & Gossips: Official Trailer of Ragini MMS 2

  • Before the trailer could have come to light and the review of Ragini MMS 2 could have come out, the movie had caught the attention of many with its leaked filming footages. However, the genre, star-cast and the songs of the movie had also given it hype. Sunny Leone and the bold content are the two that got highlighted whenever talked about the film. Sunny has given steamy scenes with Bollywood and TV actress Sandhya Mridul also. One more, ‘the songs’ added to the film.
  • The lead actress Sunny Leone reveals that the sequel is more commercial than Ragini MMS. 
  • The song Baby Doll crossed 1 million hits in 3 days of release and 10 million till the release of film.
  • Leone expressed her excitement on Twitter about working with Yo Yo Honey Singh.
  • The release dates of movie had been postponed for two times: from October 2013 to January 17, 2014 to March 21, 2014.

Ragini MMS 2 Promotion: Photos Gallery

Ekta Kapoor and Sunny Leone at Comedy Nights with Kapil

Ekta Kapoor and Sunny Leone at Comedy Nights with Kapil to promote Ragini MMS 2
Ekta Kapoor & Sunny Leone at Comedy Nights with Kapil: Palak creating humor with the horror look and signature dance moves
December, 2013’s old talk-of-town got a sigh when Sunny appeared at Comedy Nights with Ekta Kapoor. Earlier it was rumored that Kapil has denied having Sunny on his show, but the equations seems to be changed. The producers of Comedy Nights wanted Ekta to visit the show; the otherwise camera-shy personality agreed later as the matter was of the promotion of her film.

Tantalizing Captions Plastered to Mumbai Rickshaws for Branding of Ragini MMS 2

Sunny Leone promoting Ragini MMS 2 through Auto-rickshaw campaign
Sunny Leone promoting the brand of Ragini MMS 2 with Auto-rickshaw campaign 

About 1000 auto-rickshaws promoted Ragini MMS 2 with punch-lines like, “Ragini kaa naya MMS dekha?” and others. Such branding campaign was run during the release of its prequel as well. Sunny Leone also met and chatted to some.  

Sunny Leone Appeared at Pavitra Rishta for Promotion of Ragini MMS 2

Sunny Leone in beautiful sari to promote Ragini MMS 2, posing with Ankita and Naren on Zee TV serial Pavitra Rishta
Sunny Leone posing with Ankita and Naren of Zee TV daily soap Pavitra Rishta

Other Images

Sunny looking gorgeous in yellow sari at Pavitra Rishta to promote Ragini MMS 2
Sunny in yellow sari at Pavitra Rishta to promote Ragini MMS 2

Live performance of Ragini MMS 2 actress, Baby Doll Sunny Leone
Zoom Holi party got filled with colors of Baby Doll Sunny Leone!
Sunny Leone in Rohit Verma, looking pretty in blue Anarkali dress for promoting Ragini MMS 2 movie in Lukhnow
Sunny Leone looking pretty in Rohit Verma designed blue Anarkali dress, set to promote Ragini MMS 2 in Lukhnow

Sunny Leone posing in red gown while promotion of Ragini MMS 2 at Delhi
Ragini MMS 2 promotion: Sunny Leone posing in red gown at Delhi

Sunny Leone looking pretty while performing her signature step of Baby Doll song of Ragini MMS 2 at Bhopal
Sunny Leone in a press conference for Ragini MMS 2 in Bhopal
Sunny Leone looking gorgeous in Rohit Verma
Sunny Leone looking gorgeous in a designer outfit by Rohit Verma
Sunny Leone promoting Ragini MMS 2
Sunny to promote her movie in Ahmadabad
Sunny Leone in a cage to perform on Baby Doll song of Ragini MMS 2 for promotion at Crystal Palm, Jaipur; lead actress surrounded by a massive crowd!
Ragini MMS 2 promotion at Crystal Palm, Jaipur: Sunny Leone in a cage to perform Baby Doll; lead actress surrounded by a massive crown!
Sunny Leone driving her fans crazy while promoting Ragini MMS 2 at Viviana Mall, Thane, Mumbai
Sunny Leone driving the viewing crowd crazy on her voice at Viviana Mall, Thane
The crowd of audience and fans of Sunny Leone gathered to see live performance of Baby Doll
The crowd gathered to watch Sunny Leone live in the mall

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