Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Twitter Down for Maintenance from 11:30 PM on March 12, 2014

Twitter is currently down for maintenance
Twitter is currently down for maintenance

Twitter is Not Working

Are you trying to login your Twitter account and it is not working? Have you got tired remembering your password and hitting hard? If yes, and still you are not understanding the issue, then read below!

People addicted to tweet are surely going to be in pain as Twitter is down since 11:30 pm for maintenance. The social networking site that offers to update and share messages of 140 characters stopped working saying, "Twitter is currently down for maintenance". So tapping your devices is not going to work dear.

Until the issue resolves, just wish that the 'Happy Tweeting' phase comes back soon!

Something is technically wrong with Twitter
Something went technically wrong with Twitter

Well, say it addiction or longing to building connection, Twitter, Facebook and other such social networking sites have become a part of our lives and it gets tougher to maintain distance from them while technical issues like down server.

However, this is the right time to share some moments with family members as when it will be back, the smartphones, laptops, tablets or ipads are going to act as a magnet for the fingers. And you are automatically going to get engaged with your gadgets.

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