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3 Special Guest Species at Khatron Ke Khiladi: Spiders, Scorpions & Mr Snake!

Faces of Khatron Ke Khiladi Rajneesh, Salman, Ranvir, Gauhar in a glass box with spiders and scorpions during a Fear Factor Darr Ka Blockbuster stunt
Faces of Khatron Ke Khiladi celebrity contestants Rajneesh, Salman, Ranvir and Gauhar in a packed glass box with spiders and scorpions

After enjoying the beautiful locations, the increasing temperature of Cape Town made Salman and Gauhar visit the hospital too. 49 degree of temperature gave them heat stroke. But that couldn't decrease the spirits of two strong ones, and they came back with even double energy to perform the stunts.

Sar Zameen Par Stunt

3 Special Guest Species at Fear Factor Khatron Ke Khiladi: Spiders, Scorpions and Mr Snake!

Creepy creatures were back to witness in this stunt of Dar Ka Blockbuster 2014! There were two heavy boxes to fit the faces of the doers. Before the stunt starts, scorpions and spiders were placed on the faces of the two contestants respectively. They had to push the boxes with their back and legs, in order to reach to the finishing line. Their, with the use of a stick, they had to get the keys and unscrew the box first to win against the second competitor.


The contestants got new challenge from Host Rohit Shetty, which was of guessing the length of a tall- dark- handsome...reptile! The 7.2 long snake decided the line-of-order. Ranveer and Gauhar Khan went first to perform the stunt with their would be co-contestants: spider and scorpion.

Gauhar vs Ranveer

Gauhar with scorpions and Ranveer with spiders got set to perform the stunt. Gauhar said 'no' initially because of her fear of scorpions, but after the supporting words from co- contestants, the sporting girl pushed herself to accomplish the stunt. Ranveer won, unscrewing the glass- box first. Both contestants executed the stunt in a sophisticated way, giving their co- creatures (scorpions and spiders) a business class experience.

Salman vs Rajneesh

Salman got scorpions and Rajneesh got spiders in their kitty to perform the stunt with. Both looked swift than the previous ones. Salman looked a bit head with his passion to win, and he won too, but his co-travelling creatures found his treatment a local train types. The scorpions showed their color and bite the brave boy. The creepy sweethearts gave numbness to his neck and some parts of face.

Geeta, Gauhar, Rajneesh, Ajaz, Deana, and Daya got the fear- fandaa. Ranveer, Karanveer and Salman had been performing great, but among them too, Ranveer was somewhere a step ahead. So the Khiladi got a special gift, a Geonee E7 smartphone! Well done Ranveer!

The episode was on its finishing line, but one more dose was waiting for watchers and two special contestants! Ajaz got an additional task of impressing Deana; where they both were shaking a leg together, one more tall, dark and handsome dude joined them. Yes, he was the same one! Mr Snake, who keep visiting the show episodes time-to-time to tease contestants! And this is called a perfect ending of this episode of Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 5!

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