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Rochelle & Gauhar with 2000 Cockroaches in Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 5

Gaushal aka Gauhar and Kushal together after Gauhar slept in torture tunnel with 2000 cockroaches and crickets during Fear Factor Khatron Ke Khiladi stunt
Gaushal in Fear Factor Khatron Ke Khiladi: Kushal hugging Gauhar after her stunt with about 2000 cockroaches and crickets in torture tunnel

Who is the creepiest animal of this world? Most of the girls will say, “Cockroaches” without taking even a single second! It is not a dangerous creature though, but holds power to shaken a soul, at least of a female. Think, if a single running cockroach in a kitchen can threaten a giant human just with a sight, how about the army of 2000 cockroaches with additional spiders and 1000 crickets/cicadas (jhinagur)? Rohit Shetty seems firm about pushing the contestants of Dar Ka Blockbuster 2014 to their limits that even celebrity contestants might not knew before.

Rochelle & Gauhar with 2000 Cockroaches 

Fear Factor Khatron Ke khiladi Gauhar laying with cockroaches, crickets and spiders in coffin
Gauhar laying in coffin with cockroaches, crickets and spiders at Khatron Ke Khiladi

The gorgeous divas Rochelle and Gauhar were the two who allowed 2000 cockroaches and spiders to walk on their faces. Where Rochelle seemed friendly with them, Gauhar also accomplished the task sportingly, but shrieked and broke into tears after coming out of the Torture Tunnel.

Let’s take a glance on what was the task all about! And how Kushal and Rajneesh save Rochelle & Gauhar who performed with 2000 Cockroaches in Torture Tunnel of Dar Ka Blockbuster Fear Factor Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 5?

Contestants of Khatron Ke Khiladi at BMW Pavilion

The episode 5, aired on April 5, started with the rocking entry of Host Rohit Shetty with a sparkling car. The show ignited featuring a car in a pool and leaded sending the car at the height of 1000 feet. After such breath-taking underwater car rescue and slippery car stunts, the contestants headed to a new location of South Africa’s Cape Town. Unaware of the new guests of the show, the daring celebrity participants reached to BMW Pavilion for the next and last stunt of that day.

Torture Tunnel Stunt with Spiders, Cockroaches and Crickets

This stunt was also to be performed in a Jodi (partnership) of two. One doer was supposed to set in a coffin or casket box. After the tunnel goes to end, the spiders had to leave on the doer’s face. Just like the other elimination episodes, how could this task not feature the creepy creatures?

Rochelle with cockroaches, crickets and spiders in coffin for torture tunnel stunt of Fear Factor Khatron Ke khiladi
Fear Factor Khatron Ke Khiladi Rochelle with cockroaches, crickets and spiders in Torture Tunnel Stunt

On ‘action’, the other partner had to go into an ice-box to search the key and come back to open the first lock and move the flag. The contestant in the box had to release the moving flag with mouth in the coffin. On this, 1000 cockroaches were supposed to throw on the doer’s face.

Rajneesh in Fear Factor Khatron Ke khiladi stunt that had a coffin with cockroaches, crickets and spiders
Rajneesh unlocking the lock during Torture Tunnel Stunt featuring cockroaches, crickets and spiders in Khatron Ke khiladi

The one, out-of-coffin had to go into the ice-box again, to search the key of second lock. The doer had to come back again and after opening the second lock, move the flag. The doer in coffin had to release the flag and on that 1000 more cockroaches were had to throw in the coffin.

The same had to repeat and 1000 crickets/cicadas (bug insect that appear in rainy season and make loud sound, rubbing the legs) had to land in the coffin. The other contestant was supposed to end the stunt with collecting the flags.

Twist in Result

  • Gauhar and Kushal completed the task in 3 min 26 sec.
  • Rajneesh and Rochelle accomplished the same in 2 min 24 sec

But where everyone thought that Gaushal have lost in the task, a twist surprised everyone when Rohit gave the fear-fundaa Rochelle and Rajneesh. The cameras captured Rochelle using her hands to release the flag when she was in the coffin, which she had to release with her mouth. So they both went to elimination round.

The show ended with keeping Kushal in those three who were close to Idea Jacket. Kushal, Gurmeet and Salman remained in tie.

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