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2 Wild Card Entries in Dance India Dance Show: Hardik & Venkatesh in Super 10 DID Li'l Masters

Dance India Dance Wild Card Entry
Dance India Dance Wild Card Entry: Hardik and Venkatesh in Super 10 DID Li'l Masters

Don't tell them child; otherwise they will become wild! Every wild card episode of a reality show comes with the rays of hope and makes the participants getting wildly passionate to make their place in the competition. So, what preparations did the little stars make and how they executed the choreography of their skippers, let's take a glance! 

Bollywood King Yogesh 

Yogesh in Dance India Dance Season 3
Dance maniac Yogesh gave a crazy dance act in DID Little Masters Season 3 wild card episode
The Bollywood dance style of 11-year-old Yogesh from Mathura, who was on stand by once, amazed everyone. His dance moves with crazy expressions on Aanan Fanan proved that he is the King of Bollywood. The boy missed lipsing that could have add to the connectivity, but still his craziness attracted the masters. 

Heroic Dance of Hardik

Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 3 contestant Hardik
Confident Hardik gave heroic dance act in DID Little Masters wild card episode

Where an ordinary kid can't even manage to introduce himself at 12 ... Hardik from Mumbai came with his power packed hip hop and crumping on Hairat. The boy wonderfully graced the DID stage. His terrific and controlled dance with added shinning smile got transferred to Masters when they saw his moves. 

From head spin to back spin, from opening back flip to halt on stomach, everything was done very well. The boy superbly executed the choreography of Sanam.

Venkatesh Shined from Stand by Position to Magnificent Performance 

DID wild card entry of Venkatesh
DID Li'l Masters: Venkatesh amazed with his heart-touching dance act and superb moves

Teri yaad sath hai, the beautifully sung song by Khan Saheb and Venkatesh's added passion and craziness brought his performance to another level. Swarali's well done job and Venkatesh's well carried out dance moves gave a powerful impact.

From opening to end jump and expression to front roll, everything was done smoothly. His back-to-back three butterfly steps and descend on knees amazed the masters. The little wonder just flew on stage. His air drill, Ariel landing and great hold shinned him. 

Siddhant and His Flips

Wild cart performance of Siddhant in DID Little Masters
Siddhant gave tough dance moves in his wild card performance

12-year-old Sidhant from Orangabaad,who was once in top 10 DID champs, danced on Nayan Tarse. The choreography of Omkar made him use the ramp with its edges. Other than a lost back flip, the kid stunned with his tough moves.

Lyrical Expert Sanket from Puna Did Popping

Pole dance by Sanket in DID Little Masters
Sanket's double pole malkham amazed the DID watchers
One of Bhandara boys, Sanket presented double pole mulkham, blended with rocking popping. He did a great floor work, but somewhere missed in pole work. The kid's traditional costume didn't ho well with his popping though, yet his performance attracted the audience. The watchers missed his lyrical styled dance, in which he is expert, but the improvements from stand by to wild card round were noticeable.

Little Boy Monark Gave a Height Performance 

Monark in DID Little Masters wild card episode
Monark giving his DID wild card performance 

The 12-year-old Monark from Gujarat couldn't secure his place in top 16, but made a special place in the viewers heart and came back in wild card episode. His hip-hop moves on Just Move It, choreographed by Rahul and Paul stole the show. He started with a creative opening and went high on the Dance India Dance platform. 

Prathmesh in Michel Jackson Style

MJ Style of Prathmesh
 DID Little Masters: MJ style of Prathmesh!

Swarali presented some innovations in MJ style and tried to create the same magic in Prathmesh's style. Though the sharp eyes and deep examination of masters said it was not his day, but Dada appreciated the efforts. 

The super rocking dance moves and wild passion to come back set the stage on fire and made the show a worth-watch. And finally the moment came when two had to join the Top 8 DID Little Masters and complete the list of Top 10. Though all little feet were amazing and obviously reached there, leaving behind the lacs, yet Hardik and Venkatesh were those two names that shined in the group of super 10 talented diamonds. 

The two sparkled and the others went home, keeping their dreams safe in their eyes. However, they will surely be back and this time the storm will be unstoppable, unbeatable. Because talents are made to turn and come back with bang, if taken shelter of HOPE!

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