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Akshay Kumar & Sonakshi at DID Little Master 2014: Top 8 Dance Ke Baap Performed!

Akshay Kumar & Sonakshi at DID Little Master 2014: Top 8 Dance Ke Baap Performed!
Akshay Kumar & Sonakshi at DID Little Master 2014: Top 8 Dance Ke Baap Performed!

What else could have been expected when Action Ke Khiladi, Khiladiyo Ke Khiladi, and the One-and-Only Khiladi was supposed to come in a dance show?! Akki charged up the DID show with his presence, and Sonakshi added additional stars to the energy level of all the presented dance lovers.

Akshay taking class of DID Little Masters
Akshay Kumar taking class of top 8 DID Little Masters

The tall, handsome and very disciplined Akki aka Akshay Kumar came to take class of DID Little Masters of season 3. The hero came in officer Virat's getup to promote his upcoming movie Holiday. He didn't leave anyone and pulled leg of Master Ahmad. Saying that Master Ahmad must shed some weight and match up with Geeta Maa, Akshay pulled leg of both. The dashing host Jay escorted the diva Sonakshi who put his discipline mania to halt and ordered to change the costume. The swift and energetic Akshay Kumar filled all new level of energy to DID Li'l Masters.

Aditi & Her Skipper Swarali Brought a Rare Combo of Two Dance Styles

Skipper Swarali with Aditi
Aditi and her Skipper Swarali after performance on DID Little Masters' stage
When the fine dancer Aditi from Swarali Ke Sparklers joined her skipper and presented a dance, it perked the show up. Their performance on Pyar Ki Ek Kahani Suno kick started the dance account beautifully. The duo presented flamenco dance style, mixed with classical. What a beautiful and rare combination!

Both looked gorgeous in dress with blue frills. The ghungroo (musical anklet to tie on feet, specially while dancing on classical music) added magic and grace. From leg stretching to line and length, splits to feet moves, everything looked in sync when Swarali and Aditi shared the stage. Sonakshi said it a power packed dance.

Bachchagiri: Kids Spilled Beans, Akshay Supported Girls!

Monitor of the week for DID kids, Vishal couldn't perform on the day as he was injured, but he didn't forget to fulfil his duty of sending reports about the kids. Vishal shared that Aditi beats the kids, but Khiladi Akki also supported her and said that the boys should be beaten. Even a boy doesn't supported the other boy when the matter relates to a girl. This is called the charm of girls!

Name of the Day in DID Little Masters Season 3

It's not new in Dance India Dance to give someone a new name. The talented dancers have been given names such as Bollywook King, Cchota Packet, Hip Hopper, Dance Maniac, Cockroach and others. But a fresh name that the Bollywood diva Sonakshi gave to the talented host Jay Bhanushali, it became the name of the day. The boxer turned kicker Sonakshi announced Jay a Chape. Ouch!

Rapchic Panters Sachin and Sadhwin Donned Chinese Get-up

Sachin and Sadhwin performing in DID Little Masters

The freestyle dance of two cute Chinese made Sonakshi remembering her wish of doing an Ariel act in future. The cable master of industry, Akshay Kumar also praised them. As it was not a mechanical, but a manually handled act, the two got more admiration for their performance in this age.

Shayar Sachin Ki Shayari & Recreated Shocking Moments

Sachin's Dadaji dancing with Sonakshi
Sachin's Dadaji shook a leg on DID stage with diva Sonakshi Sinha

The performance of little DID shayar Sachin entertained everyone not only with his dance, but also with the song and its added mixing. Some of Sachin's edited dialogues rocked, such as: 

"Jo mein bolta uh, wo mein karta hu!
Jo mein nahi bolta, wo mein delete kar deta hu!"

Sachin didn't stop here, and he had some lines for the celebrities as usual. The boy offered shayaries for Sonakshi and amazed everyone. Dadaji of Sachin was also nowhere behind his grandson, and he also matched feetsteps with Sachin. And it encouraged Sachin even more and the small wonder thrown more dialouges for Sonakshi. Both looked in sync. 

Sachin also thanked to the diva Sonakshi for dancing with his grandfather (though they didn't dance). On asking about it, the boy revealed that his dadaji danced with Sonakshi in his fantasy. Ouch! Bachchagiri at this level recreated some memorable moments. And finally dadaji and Sonakshi danced together. Just like the shayari, Sachin's dadaji took competition against him in dance as well.

Freestyle Contemporary of Rockstars Gaurav and Teria

DID Little Masters performance
Teria and Gaurav presenting awesome dance act on DID Little Masters

Gaurav and Teria gave new meanings to Freestyle contemporary dance moves, filling feel to the air. The way they merged beauty and grace while dancing on Tere Naina Hans Diye, it surprised everyone. They superbly used the prop as a floor. Their slides and created atmosphere made two getting the grand salute from Grand Master Mithun Chakrborty.
Cute and new, the incorporated steps touched Sonakshi to heart. Teria looked beautiful in pink frock and Gaurav matched her wonderfully.

Obstacle Game on DID Little Masters Stage

Anudita asked how Akshay is so fit and the question leaded to an obstacle game challenge between Akshay and Master Ahmad. To win, one had to made the flowers to their destination. Thanks to the game! It enabled to visit all watchers the whole beautiful stage of DID. However, Akki gave the flowers to Dada after crossing the obstacle, and Dada gave them to Sonakshi, winning without participating properly. 

Two Cute Butterflies Anudita & Anushka Flew High in Hearts of Audiences 

Dance ke Baap in DID Little Masters
Anidita and Anushka set the stage on fire with their butterfly act in DID Little Masters

The rotatory butterfly platform and the superbly balanced dance act of Anudita and Anushka gave  a nicely presented opening. Both danced on same level of dance, despite the height difference. Sanam Ke Superheroes (Super-Butterflies) sparkled so much magic that Dada found it extraordinary, fantastic, and beautiful, which made him give a grand salute to two little divas. They left viewers saying just these four words: Banke Titli Dil Uda! 

Tribute to Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha by DID Li'l Masters' Top 8 Kids 

The kids reminded the watchers all their favourite tracks and dialogues pictured on Akshay and Sonakshi, through their group dance act. Chinta ta Chita Chita, Choir kiya re jiya, Mein Khiladi to Anadi, Party yu hi chalegi, Party Overnight and the latest, Tu hi to Karar Mera were some of the famous tracks among them. The parody also mixed Akshay Kumar's ever entertaining tagline, "Bachche Ki Jaan Lega Kya" and Sonakshi's ever popular killer lines, "Thappad se Darr Nahi Lgta Saheb, altar Se Lagta Hai".

Teria and Gaurav got announced as the Spice performers of the day. Their beautiful poetic act truly  mesmerised everyone. 

Dance has a power that can express unsaid emotions, double the joy, and create a magical happiness around you. And when the little feet dance on a beautiful choreographies, it just steals your heart, compels you you too to join them, and make you say, "Dance India Dance". 

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