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Blockbuster Commentary of Khatron Ke Khiladi During Screw Driver Stunt

Fear Factor Dar Ka Blockbuster stunt with blindfolded jeep driver Rajneesh and Deana to guide for the way
A Khatron Ke Khiladi contestant guiding to drive a blindfolded contestant during a Darr Ka Blockbuster stunt

The race to semi finals of Fear Factor Khatron Ke Khiladi 2014 was increasing the temperature of atmosphere, and Rohit Shetty came with a new stunt with his one-and-only lover, 'vehicle' (this time a jeep). And it is not hard to guess that if a vehicle came, then dhamake were obvious to follow them. After all it was an episode of Darr Ka Blockbuster Season 5. Rohit Shetty brought his favorite combo of jeep and blast.

Screw Driver Stunt

The blindfolded contestants reached to the location and reminded the stunt that made injured Kushal go home.

On action, the blindfolded driver had to complete a track to reach at the initial point, keeping the vehicle safe from the objects laying on the track. The other had to explain the way to partner driver.

The track was embellished with tires, cones, and drums. To give the contestants a tough ride, the track was set in curvy path. The selected location made the ride more adventurous, as it had humps on dry sand and water pond too.

However, the beauty of stunt-game was the objects and associated condition that if one object is touched by the wheels of the vehicle, the Jodi will get the penalty of 10 seconds. This gave a big twist to scene as it was a time-based stunt.

Rajneesh and Deana in Partnership

Deana chose to explain the way and Rajneesh drove blindfolded. The duo couldn't show a great chemistry as Deana's panics and frenzied hurry in explaining the way confused Rajneesh at some places. Both secured 5 penalties of 10-10 seconds for touching the cones. The diva tried to give her best though while saying about the turns to right-and-left, but how sharp, at what angle, and with what speed were some directions that she couldn't explain to Rajneesh.

Nikitin and Ranvir as Partners

Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 5: Ranvir and Nikitin
Nikitin and Ranvir performing the Screw Driver stunt in Fear Factor Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 5

The duo took the advantage of going at second turn. They not only came with calm and new strategy, but also with better chemistry that was much needed in this stunt driving. Nikitin explained quiet patiently and Ranveer drove with focus. Both followed the strategy of not thinking much about the objects and tried to cover the time and complete the track as soon as possible. Though they got 6 penalties in their kitty, yet their strategy worked in favor of them.

Final Time-Counts

Deana and Rajneesh

Task completion time: 6 min 40 sec
Number of penalties for objects: 5
Penalty time: 50 sec (10 sec for each penalty)
Final time-count after penalty: 7 min 30 sec

Ranvir and Nikitin

Task completion time: 4 min 04 sec
Number of penalties for objects: 6
Penalty time: 60 sec (10 sec for each penalty)
Final time-count after penalty: 5 min 05 sec

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