Sunday, May 25, 2014

Nikitin and Salman Got Beauty Applications During Khatron Ke Khiladi 5

Nikitin and Salman in Khatron Ke Khiladi Semi Finale
Dipped faces of Salman and Nikitin in milk container during Fear Factor Darr Ka blockbuster Semi Finale stunt

Rohit Shetty made special preparations to pamper the Fear Factor Season 5 contestants after letting them sweat and shiver in Cape Town's serene locations. The dashing host proved how caring he is for contestants, and arranged a beauty bath for them.

Salman and Nikitin took a milk bath and butter greasing to their feet. The amazing thing is, they didn't go to any professional place for this, but team Khatron Ke Khiladi brought a set-up for their ceremonial bath. Let's recreate that all with words and see how the thing shaped there in the episode!

Yam Doodh Stunt

The contestant had to stand in a container with butter greased feet. Some tinny guests were also welcomed in that container to enjoy the butter feast. They were none other than our every so often home visitors, 'mice'. The creepy factor was that they were not one or two, but the army of their community.

The face of contestant was put in a screwed container that was filled with milk on 'action'. Here the time was started. The doer had the challenge to breath in that milk container as long as it was possible. This was a time-based stunt, and was held between two only. They were Niktin and Salman.

Salman Showed Great Patience

Salman once again proved that he is a dancer and choreographer by profession, but nowhere behind in performing stunts too. Showing tremendous focus, patience, and control, the boy performed surprisingly.

What Went Wrong with Niktin?

Nikitin applied a strategy of drinks some milk to decrease the level of milk in the container. But team Fear Factor Khatron Ke Khiladi 2014 too came with their strategy and filled the container speedily. In between, the milk got stuck in Nikitin's throat and he couldn't give his best, quitting at that moment.

Result: Time Count

Salman: 2 min 18 sec
Nikitin: 18 sec

As per the theme of Semi Finale, the stunt was not for selecting one for elimination stunt, but to give points. Salman got 10 points in with his performance, and unfortunately, Nikitin got zero points for this stunt. What happened next then? Keep watching or reading to know!

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