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Rajneesh Debuted as Spider-Man in KKK5 Darr Ka Blockbuster

Khatron Ke Khiladi Gauhar Khan on wall as spider woman during a stunt of Season 5
Gauhar Khan as spider woman with great focus on gripping at the wall during a Dar Ka Blockbuster stunt

We at home kept thinking how the Spider Man walks at the straight walls on height, and Darr Ka Blockbuster 2014 gave a live try to this in its episode. The daring people looked nowhere behind a super hero while performing the stunt on walls given by Rohit Shetty. Let's see what was this blockbuster stunt that involved a spider-walk.

Spider Ka blockbuster

Darr Ka Blockbuster Khatron Ke Khiladi Rajneesh Duggal on wall as spider man during a stunt
Rajneesh Debuted as Spider-Man in KKK5 Darr Ka Blockbuster

The contestants had to crawl with the help of window suckers that had capacity of around 30 kg. They had to move forward on footsteps like a spider on the glass wall. After crossing the steps, they had a rope to climb down. The stunt time was counted from sign of action to coming on ground from rope.


To get the power of deciding who will go first, the contestants had one challenge to face. They had to guess the weight of a Bullfrog. The nearest guesser was supposed to decide the order.

Bullfrog with 900 gm got welcomed in Fear Factor Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 5. The selected three contestants took that in there hands and their estimation for its weight was as below:

Gauhar: 500 gm
Rajneesh: 250 gm
Salman: 200 gm

Gauhar Khan decided the line of order and selected Rajneesh to go first, then Salman to go at second and decided that she will go at last.


Darr Ka Blockbuster Khatron Ke Khiladi Salman on wall as spider man during a stunt
Salman hanging on harness after losing the grip

Rajneesh showed great patience and completed the task successfully. Salman took a powerful start, but the grip lost just after 2-3 steps. The Khiladi found the equipment faulty, but the team told another tale. However, he couldn't even complete the stunt, beating Rajneesh was different thing altogether.

Gauhar looked confident and stepped ahead with being focused towards her job. The diva was taking more time though, but she kept going. After 4-5 steps, the equipment didn't work well with her too.

Result and Time-Count

The results were clear as only Rajneesh could complete the stunt, he got 10 more points with him. The handsome boy finished the task in 6 min 33 sec and became the first Khiladi who got the 20 points.

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