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Top 10 Moods of Sunday: The Real Fun Tale of Every Home

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Moods of Sunday
Story of Sunday moods

You wake up with an earful from your Mom or your honey's tingling, Sunday is the most favorite day for all from elders to children. Bed-tea tastes sweeter this morning; TV seems more colorful at its noon, and gadgets sound the most soothing mp3 on its evening. And what to say about the nights! They are filled with most pleasant warmth of the love of your beloved family members. A sheer bliss altogether!

From the cluster of Sunday moods, here you are the top 10 handpicked mood swings that float in every homes' air! And here you can take some ideas to enjoy your Sunday too.

1. Sleeping Mood vs Mom's Dialogues

"Beta, wake up! See the sunlight has come to the bed." This is the most common dialogue of almost every mom at Sunday morning, as if all mothers had a meeting where they decided this dialogue for kids. But what to do?! These Sunday sleeps are so 'sweet' that no voice reaches to ears.

Soon there 'beta' turns to 'nalayak', followed by these words, "These kids have no tension of studies or carrier. Is someone listening?!"

...And there comes the 'Rambaan' dialogue, "Do you think I'm your servant who will wait for you the entire day? Wake up, I've to clean the room."

"Mr Papaji! You also have some responsibility. The child is not only of mine." And thus nobody remains untouched of the shower of flowery words and the 'servant dialogue' works wonder in drag you back from your dream-world.

2. Family & TV Mood with Bed-Tea

Earlier Rangoli on Doordarshan had the duty to over the hangover of sleep, now there are many channels and programs that have distributed the responsibility among themselves. To sit with family holding the tea-cups and watch TV is a different fun altogether. Although you can't watch today's Rangoli with family members as it is so colorful that can change the color of your face and soon you will need to hide your face, leaving the room. Yes, you can enjoy those songs later. (Kidding!)

Better you watch any Ramayana or Mahabharata type of epic serial, or may be news, reality show, daily soap or a comedy serial. But beware of...(Issued in Public Interest)! Perhaps this is the success story of Comedy Nights With Kapil! It comes on Sunday, and is safe to watch with family too.

3. Ye...Ye Lazy Lazy Lamhe!

Here comes one more dragon to ignite the Mummies, 'Mr Laziness'. And the dragon brings more words from mom's treasure. Some listens because they didn't gave water to plants, some because they didn't helped in dusting. Some kids delay in taking bath, some in even doing brush. No no! Kids are nowhere in fault; faulty is that Sunday breeze. It's fumed with laziness.

4. Cooking Mood & Tempting Smell of Food

Sunday surely delays the time of day-to-day activities, but one best deal of Sunday is special food. The nose-thrilling smell of mom-made food is just unbeatable this day. Working moms find only Sundays to cook special dishes. Doesn't matter some of them over-cook the chapattis out of their habit, but it tastes good because it incorporates that mom-hands' taste. Surely a treat to eat and the best gift of God!

5. Reading Mood with Books or Colorful Sunday Newspaper

Books with Coffee
Morning coffee and books on Sunday

Dadaji looks more happening while watching their grandchildren at home and entire family under one roof on holidays. And everyone keeps an eye on grandparents' best friend, 'Newspaper'. Books may have the worst nightmare of kids, office files may have the most hatred literature for elders, but Sunday newspaper attracts every soul. Editorial for Dadaji, politics for misters, cooking recipes for mistresses, jokes for kids, and lifestyle articles for all make a perfect recipe to consume for a family. 

6. Sunday Life with Gadgets 

Where husbands get rid of their wives' phone calls this day, the mobiles of couples get more active. What about mobile, even the girls and boys get active. Dear, it's not easier to chat at home in presence of your parents; they have to be active and alert. A different fun of life!

But if you are a single, this holiday may turn to be a boring one too. Then you have an only way of making your parents' mind for picnic or getting permission from them to go for hangout or movie with your friends.

If nothing works, be creative and explore your talent. If you don't have any, then sit on upstairs and find that out.

7. Hangout & Picnic Mood on Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Networking Platforms

If the plans succeed and you have good people around you, holiday is the best day to enjoy and have fun. But these days people do not visit the serene locations. The new generation visits the walls of their social networking accounts. They meet their friends and relatives through their pics, collect likes, revert responses, and tweet the personal news and updates. And thus a person celebrate the holiday. More likes on a comment or pic, means more enjoyed holiday!

8. To-Do List and Strong Determination

We all have made once or more times the time-tables or schedule-chart to complete our works in a managed way. Kids make it to learn their lessons; college-goers make it to complete their notes; working women battle against their kitchen chores, and some workaholics get their office work in home too (Doesn't matter it gathers the war clouds against their wife; boss wins!).

The history knows that one of our biggest foes is our pending work-list. Sunday sun-raises brings hope that all those pending enemies will be beaten by our strong determination of removing them from the to-do list. But how many of us gets success? (Did you raise your hand for completing them. If yes, then you are a warrior!)

9. Romantic Mood or Shopping Mood?

A mom sounds tough because she gets additional chores this day, but a Shreemati ji within her always holds a softer heart that sings songs. Though the same radio rings on other side also, but Shreeman ji keeps that mute. The fear of getting a shopping-list from his wife tunes his inner radio to silent or changes its channel.

Unaware husband doesn't know that the demand music or shopping radio is not bound of any holiday or weather. He has to listen it now or then.

10. Dinner & Monday Ka Dar

The dinner time shoots all the fun mood away and signs the Monday arrival is near. The lizard of tension comes back to brain-home. We eat on dinning table and the lizard cooks its own food in brain, filling it up with loads of thoughts about tomorrow. It seems as this day passes at fastest pace than other days in weeks.

The Happy Sunday with Care, Love, Hope & ... Fun!

Here comes the end of a holiday, leaving you with the gift of care, the restored warmth of love, the fun with your beloved ones, and a ray of hope.

...A hope that the coming new week will bring more joy-boats, mount-kissing success, and the essence of life, 'happiness'!

Whether it is an ordinary day or holiday, or a moment of success or lessons with failure, what makes one's life happening is the three words: Care, Love, and Hope! If you have enough of these three words, they can welcome the oodles of joy and peace to your life; if not, their lack can bring the grief of entire world.

However, moods are the king of themselves, and who has power of gripping them or molding them in their way?! Moods swing and make you dance!

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