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Bachchagiri Teamed with Hungama-E-Super 9 in DID Little Masters Season 3

DID Little Masters Season 3
DID Little Masters Season 3

The word fell less for Dance India Dance kids when they perform; it is tough to believe the way they dance at 7 or 12 years of age. They kept raising their level of dance, and so the DID show did with their challenge. And this time, the little stars were supposed to match the steps with big stars of television like Eijaz, Rashmi Desai, Ratan Rajput, Smita Bansal, Ravi Dube, Rupal, Darsheel, and Ankit. They supported the little masters and also performed with them.

The beauty of the show was: it nowhere came in mind that the duos had such a great difference of their age as the little ones were so good with their moves. Kudos to them and salute to their talent!

Ankit and Aditi's Beautiful Chemistry

The dashing Ankit Narayan, known as Soham reached to DID show to support Aditi from Swarali Ke Sparklers. Ankit presented free style with Aditi on Kabhi Kabhi Aditi song. The duo came in school uniform to show their beautiful brother-sister chemistry and did a superb job. Both grabbed the first grand salute from Dada.

Dance performance of Ankit and Aditi on DID Little Masters Season 3
Beautiful Chemistry between Ankit and Aditi while dance on DID Little Masters Season 3

Master Ahmad's wish also got fulfilled as he always wanted Aditi to dance on the song, Kabhi Kbahi Aditi. Normally when Aditi dances, she comes with a bhaigiri, but this times she did a soft act. Ankit's lifts and cycling moves with Aditi became the special movement of their dance act. Master Geeta got emotional and wished she could also have got a sibling to pamper her in childhood.

Team Hamshakals at DID Little Masters

DID premiered the first rocking song of Saif Ali Khan and Ritesh Deshmukh starer Aja Aja from Hamshakals.

Ravi's Effort Made Silent Vishal Speak

Ravi Dubey giving dance performance with Vishal in DID Little Masters show
Ravi Dubey and Vishal performing on DID Little Masters Season 3 stage

Ravi Dubey got the challenging task of shaking a leg with silent little dude Vishal from Omkar Ke Rockstars. The two were so much in sync that it looked as if the duo gave a solo performance.

They beautifully created the magical moments. The confident leaps of Vishal and superb grips of Ravi showed a great pair. To make Vishal speak, Ravi gave a mimicry act for Vishal with messages from Nana Patekar, Amir Khan and Hritik.

Finally Vishal spoke three heavy dialogues:

"Koi awaj nahi karega."
"Mujhe is ghar me shaanti chahiye. Bhagwan ke liye sab chup ho jao."


Shayar Sachin Performed for Geeta Maa

Smita Bansal and Sachin gave a contemporary dance act on Tujhse Naraj Nahi Zindagi. Sachin dedicated the dance to Geeta Maa. Smita performed beautiful lifts with Sachin.

Bachchagiri of Hardik and Policegiri of Ratan Rajput

The grandson of Einstein, Hardik danced on Hua Cchokra Jawa Re with Ratan Rajput who took the getup of a policewoman. Both gave a cat and dog chasing act that enthralled the viewers.

Beauty and Grace Got Presented through Stunning Dance

Graceful Dance performance of Rashmi Desai and Teria in DID Little Masters Season 3 show
Rashmi Desai and Teria performing on DID Little Masters Season 3 stage

2014 version of Jhansi Ki Rani Teria Bacteria and cute Baby Doll Rashmi looked graceful throughout the dance. Rashmi's hand fan and Teria's cardwill looked fabulous. The way they donned their ornaments in the dance act, they kept holding the beauty. Kehna Hi Kya song got a beautiful choreography by Omkar.

Twist in DID Little Masters

Eijaz denied to perform, saying he has some problem with Sadhwin. So what was this problem? Why such a twist came to the Kid's dance reality Show: DID? Keep reading to get the bits.

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