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DID Little Masters 2014 Brought Gunjan, Darsheel, Ankit and Ravi to Dance Floor

Fusion of dance and illusion at DID Little Masters
Illusion in dance or dance in illusion at DID Little Masters show

We just kept watching the Dance India Dance little Masters show, and didn't realize when those little kids became the apple of our eyes and turned to the stars. They grew as better performers and started dancing like professionals. This came into notice when they shared stage with the television actors and presented back-to-back amazing dance moves. They stood shoulder-to-shoulder with them and proved why they got selected in the auditions from lacs. 

Illusion in Dance Or Dance in Illusion

Toly Roby dance of Sadhwin and Eijaz just electrified the DID show. From choreography to partnership moments, plus isolated part, everything rocked. The set-up and created illusion worked wonder. The second highest voted little master Sadhwin proved why he is so much loved by the public.

Emotions Flooded Dance Act by Anudita and Gunjan

From Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke, Gunjan aka Rupal Tyagi came to support Anudita from Sanam Ke Superstars . She became the sister of Anudita and enacted a performance where one of two sisters was neglected by her parents. The powerful contemporary dance of Anudita amazed everyone. 

Master Geeta praised the act and told that she danced strongly as a superstar. Sanam cleverly done his part of choreography. Master Ahmad also appreciated the girl's flies and dance. Her performance brought a grand salute to her from Dada.

Devil Strategy the Same Time Made Anudita Rolling Tears

To give the soul to this choreography, Sanam neglected and teased Anudita, saying he loves Anushka more than her. And the emotions reflected in her performance. 
Unaware Anudita not only impressed by her this performance, but also from her previous dance acts, and her magic made her got the highest number of votes from audiences.

The air of DID got more musical when all the contestants gave a tribute to Dada on his popular soundtracks. And to add more colors to it, the team Fugly reached at DID platform to promote its music. Director Kabir Sadanand, Mohit Verma, Lamba, and Jimmy Shergil marked their presence at the popular television dance reality show. They shared the movie will serve both action and romance, releasing on June 13. To debut in the acting ring, Virendra Singh also came ahead with this movie, and so joined the team.

Anushka and Darsheel Shinned Portraying a Fairy Tale

Dance performance by cute Anushka and Darsheel Safari in DID Little Masters
Cute Anushka and Darsheel Safari while performance in DID Little Masters

Miss cutie pie Anushka and most loved child star of Taare Zameen Par, Darsheel Safari portrayed a fairy tale through dance. The freestyle dance of expression queen gave tremendous performance on drama queen song. The girl found her prince in dream and gave him the list of his wishes. The young star Darsheel and Drama Queen Anushka performed wholeheartedly. They stole the show and earned many praises, hugs and love. On addition, they got the grand salute too. 

Popping and Locking of Sadhwin and Vishal

Vishal and Sadhwin performed on Jay Ho and Bejubaa. They presented the rocking popping-locking. The duo also shook leg together on Aaj Blue hai Paani. They looked like atom bomb and RDX while performing the kardwil Ariel of and other dance moves. They embellished their dance with great opening and closing. 

Ankit and Venkatesh Presented a Comic Dance Act

Venkatesh and Ankit put their soul to their comedy act that surprised the judges. The flip, tucking, and the thought came up as a good package. But unfortunately the boy came in bottom three. 

Vishal's Love to His Brother Ravi

Contemporary dance performance by Vishal and Ravi in DID Little Masters
Vishal and Ravi performing contemporary dance in DID Little Masters

Vishal and Ravi presented the story of their love, in which Vishal waits for his brother Ravi on his birthday and imagine Ravi with him. By the end of the dance act Ravi Dubey comes to celebrate with him. In between his imagination, they beautifully acted their boding through dance, and touched the hearts. 

Bests Performance of the Day: Ankit and Aditi from Swarali Ke Sparklers 
Hardik, Venkatesh, and Vishal got in the bottom three and from them, Vishal got eliminated.

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