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Maa Tujhe Salaam Special: DID Little Masters Salutes All Mothers through Dance

Maa Tujhe Salaam Special: DID Little Masters Salutes All Mothers through Dance
DID Little Masters Saluted all mothers through Dance in Maa Tujhe Salaam Special

Doesn't matter you belong to what profession or zone of your country, Maa is one of the most special and beautiful word in everyone’s life. You talk about her selfless devotion, overwhelming love or the time she inputs for us, her every core has something that make us salute her. 

To give a tribute to all the mothers, DID Little Masters show brought a theme that gives a try to make them realize how special they are. The medium became the dance art and the sources were the little kids. The dance show featured the mothers of all the contestants and beautifully sprinkled the colors of love towards mothers. Let’s know what the pure souls brought in their kitty when it was about dedicating their performance to their mummies!

Anudita’s Point Ballet Dance Amazed the Judges

Anudita performed Point Ballet Dance at DID Little Masters
Amazing Point Ballet Dance performanc eby Anudita at DID Little Masters

Anudita turned to a magic girl Anudita after the way she performed on Aao Naa with point ballet dance. She also sang Meri Maa song by Kailash Kher for her mother.

Bhai of Dance Aditi’s Bawra Man Saw a Dream

Contemporary dance act at DID Little Masters
Aditi dedicated a contemporary dance act to her mother at DID Little Masters

When Aditi kaa Baavra Man revealed her dream through a contemporary dance act, the air of DID show got more sentimental. Her power steps and finely pointed moves showed how clean dancer she is. 

The theme presented how top 10 students of dance class dreamt and how one of them, Aditi got succeed in her dance training. One of Swarali’s Sparkles, Aditi proved that she is learning from a dance maniac. 

Not only the daughter, but the Laavni dance of Aditi's mother also filled different colors on stage altogether. 

Bachchagiri of Aditi

The girl’s Mom shared how she once had locked someone in bathroom when she was younger. Children can find fun in anything and perhaps that’s why they are kids! 

Silent Vishal’s Hip Hop Spoke Loud about the Life-cycle of a Tape-recorded 

Hip Hop Spoke Loud about the Life-cycle of a Tape-recorder in DID Little Masters
Life-cycle of a Tape-recorder presented through Hip Hop at DID Little Masters stage

Visha’s lyrical hip-hop dance and black costume added magic to the dance show. Baawre Baawre song by Shankar Mahadevan and Loy, from Luck by Chance movie looked more sparkling when incorporated small-small elements on soundtracks. The choreography and music work bounded his performance in an entertaining loop. The boy played with sparkling colors and created smiling moments. Vishal portrayed the life of a tap-recorder, in which he portrayed play, rewind and other basic moments that were amazing.

Love Bond of Mother-Son: Where Vishal shared about his favored dish, his mother-cooked Dosa, Vishal's Mummy also praised her boy for the way he takes care of her when she gets ill.

Sadhwin Gifted Her Mom: Mother’s Day Turned Birthday Special DID Stage

Dance performance dedicated to maa in DID Little Masters mother special episode
DID Little Masters dedicated dance performance to moms in  mother special episode

The lyrical hip-hop of Sadhwin on Aye Khuda proved that dance itself is a language that needs no words. His back-band to creating a writing moment and presenting 'Maa' in an art form stole the hearts. 

His mom said that she got a very big gift from his dance act that Sadhwin had hidden from her to give her a surprise on Mother’s Day. Geeta Maa also praised the boy and said he is a great performer, student, and a child. 

Where every soul was sharing the heart on Mother’s special episode, Sadhwin shared his wish to celebrate her mother's birthday by earning money in future. His mother whose birthday was never celebrated, Sadhwin made crores of people celebrate with him by witness through DID.

When Teriya Presented Waking…

Teria presenting brilliant hip-hop dance piece at DID Little Masters
Powerful Hip-hop dance move by Teria at DID Little Masters

From Omkar Ke Rockstars, Teria presented a brilliant hip-hop and waking on Ranjha Ranjha. She didn't complete some of the steps, but overall gave a strong dance act. Teria shared how her mom works hard to pay the fees of her dance classes and many times skips her meal. 

Masters Got Emotional for Their Mothers

Geeta Maa Opened Her Heart for Her Maa

Master Geeta shared, “I come late in night, but you wait for me and keep waking. Thank you for being so caring.” 

Master Ahmad Apologized on Mother’s Day 

Master Ahmad shared, “I'm married and I have kids now. I am sorry that sometimes I forget to call you mom, but whenever I call, it feels as we had talked just before 5 minutes.

Skipper Omkar Rolled Tears Remembering Her Mother

Omkar shared, “My mom can't walk more than 10-15 steps. She remains ill so can't come here, but I love you Maa.

Venkatesh’s Skating Amazed 

Free Style dance act with skating by Venkatesh in DID Little Masters
Venkatesh performing Free Style dance act with skating in DID Little Masters

Mom plays double role in every kid’s life. She shows love; she scolds and gets strict sometimes. To dedicate a dance act to such a beautiful Mom, Venkatesh presented a Free Style dance act with some beautiful elements of skating on Suno Naa Sangmarmar song. Although his cap trick missed, but his slide descend like some moments were so unbelievable that were enough to collect applause. 

Free Style and Hip Hop of Colorful Hardik 

Hip Hop and Free Style by Hardik in DID Little Masters
Hardik in stills of Hip Hop and Free Style dance movies DID Little Masters

Hardik presented Tera Hero Idhar Hai with Hip Hop and Free Style. The rhythm and beats didn't go well, but still Hardik’s talent shined. 

Little Doll Anushka Presented Baby Doll Mein Sone Di

Anushka in a semi classical dance move at DID Little Masters stage
Anushka looking elegant while performing a semi classical dance at DID Little Masters stage

Anushka's Mother and her sister, a little doll like her said all the best to her, and it worked wonder.
DID Little Master Anushka looking gorgeous
Gorgeous Anushka in a still of DID Little Masters performance

She created some tough movements on stage so well that her Semi Classical just rocked. She gave a series of spins on knees teamed with small elements.

Best Performance of the Day: Anudita
As it was a Mothers Day special episode at DID, the kids performed with all their hearts on the selected songs, but the little feet of Anushka mesmerized at different level altogether.

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