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What is Protein? Top 6 Roles of Protein Nutrient in Daily Diet

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What is protein structure; Roles of Protein; protein rich food
Protein structure and protein rich food

What is Protein? If asked this basic question about protein, many people reply that protein is “meat”. Is it, really? Do eggs, meat or nuts define the proteins? Let’s dive a bit deeper to know about the definition or meaning of proteins!

Importance of Protein: Top 6 Roles of Protein Nutrient in Daily Diet


One of the three micronutrients (Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fat), protein resides in the protoplasm of our living cells.

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Contributor in Organic Mechanisms

The organic activities that our organisms perform, proteins contribute to them.

One of the Constructors of Human Body

20% of human physic is constructed of proteins.

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Types and Chemical Composition of Protein

Interestingly, plants incorporate two types of proteins, whereas humans and animals incorporate over 100, 000 types of proteins that differ when it comes to their molecular structures. If we talk about their chemical composition, proteins are highly complex compounds that are made of 53% of carbon, 22% of oxygen, 17% of nitrogen, 7% of hydrogen, and 1% of sulphur or iodine.

Proteins: Chain-Like Structures, Made of Amino Acids

About 23 naturally occurring amino acids compose proteins through being in various combinations. They link together to make a chain-like structure. In other language, we can say that one amino acid is a substructure that is contributes in making of a protein compound.

9 Essential Amino Acids

9 of these 23 amino acids are termed as essential amino acids or MATTVILPHLY. Here every alphabet of MATTVILPHLY signs a term:

“M” denotes Methionine
“A” denotes Argenine
“T” denotes Tryptophan
“T” denotes Threonine
“V” denotes Valine
“I” denotes Isoleucine
“L” denotes Leucine
“Ph” denotes Phenyl alanine
“Ly” denotes Lysine

Other Amino Acids

Aspartic Acid
Glutamic Acid
Hydroxyglutamic Acid
Iodogorgoic Acid

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So, the proteins are nothing but the arrangement of various amino acids in different combinations. In fact, amino acids are the prime structural material of our body, as they are the basic unit of a protein compound.

Whenever you hear the word “protein” next time, then think of those chain-like structures made of amino acids instead of eggs, meat, or nuts.

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