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Crazy Aamir Khan in PK Trailer: Peeta Nahi, Par Naam Hai..."Peekay"!

Aamir Khan in various expressions with wide eyes in Bollywood movie PK
Aamir Khan in different expressions in PK movie

"Arey Pehchaane Nahi Kaa Hamka...Hein?! Hum PK hu Peekay!"

Aamir Khan walking in Rajasthan's desert area with two big colorful suitcases in PK movie still
Aamir Khan walking in the desert as PK with two huge briefcases in both hands

How come that someone will not recognize him?! Aamir Khan is a name that everyone recognizes and many follow too. But one-time-surprise is also obvious after looking him in the character of PK (Peekay). The much awaited trailer of PK got released on 23 October 2014, in which the lead character, the stranger PK got introduced in narrated voice of Anushka Sharma.

Most funny and hilarious fat barber pajama scene in Aamir Khan starer Bollywood movie PK
Aamir Khan creating a hilarious incident by pulling out the pajama of fat barber in a funny movie scene

Many says Aamir a perfectionist, many remember him with his character's name such as Gajini, but one new name that has recently added to his names' list is... Know it through Jaggu Anushka Sharma's dialogue ...

"Namuna...! Namuna samajhte hein naa? Sample! Sample ttha wo. Galtiyaan sudharne ki aadat tthi use."

Well why not?! After all one gets the label of perfectionist after removing all the mistakes only, but correcting others' mistake is not a piece of cake. It might leave you getting a punch too.

PK, the amazingly different character of actor Aamir Khan in Bollywood movie Peekay
PK movie stills, showing amazingly different character of Aamir Khan

So what else is new in PK, or what this stranger Peekay is all about? Let's know what Anushka has to say about him for this!

"Headlight si aankhein tthi, aur flying soccer jaise kaan.
Uske satrangi kapde...aur uska atrangi dance. 
Paan dekhte hi muh mein paani aa jata ttha. 

Kehta ttha... Shehar mein har bridge pe hote hein ATM, ...jitne paise chahiye, nikal lo.
Aur har sunsaan gali mein hoti hai kapdon ki pasand aaye, pehan lo."

Now this was obvious as Mr PK landed in India where bridges are the prime place where poor people expect coins or bucks in there bowl. But Beware PK ji! Those are not ATMs and it is also possible that that beggar is also not blind.

Various colorful dresses of Aamir Khan as PK in movie
Colorfully Satrangi Atrangi cloths of Aamir Khan in PK movie

And better to keep a mum about those cars with couples inside them, who (cars) are garments' shops for PK!

Various expressions in different moods of PK; Anushka Sharma kissing Aamir Khan in Bollywood movie PK
Aamir Khan in various moods; Actress Anushka Sharma kissing Aamir Khan for his innocence

Anyhow, whatever way the bridges and cars are, the 'person' saying them ATMs and garments' shop is pretty interesting. And also strange and tough to understand...exactly the way Anushka narrates further!

"Logon ne naa usko samjha, naa uske tarike ko. Jitna ajeeb ttha wo, utna hi dil ke kareeb ttha. 
Mera dost! Ek boond tak nahi pee tthi usne, par naam ttha...Peekay!"

The trailer of PK says that despite PK is strange than others, but Jaggu Anushka has surely added his name to her friend's list. His all-time-aware eyes and all-time-standing ears speak a lot. He is colorful in his own way. But will he be able to sprinkle some of his colors on others around him and on audiences too? This is a mini intro of PK, but picture abhi baaki hai mere dost! Yes, What about the third angle of love triangle in PK, who is Sushant Rajput?! Wait, watch, and do tell how did you find watching the stranger?

Latest Official Theatrical Trailer of PK Movie in HD

Play to watch Bollywood movie PK's teaser video online!

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