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Meet 4 Involving & 2 Intellectual Characters of Durga Rani Singh

Characters of Bollywood movie Durga Rani Singh which is based on a Japanese novel The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino
Durga Rani Singh movie characters: Single mother, ex-husband, neighbor, detective doctor

Preview: Details of Durga Rani Singh Characters

Durga Rani Singh...a Sujoy Ghosh's thriller Bollywood movie! Sounds already engaging after his direction in Kahaani!

Where mystery and thrill join the hands, curiosity takes birth. Where curiosity comes, the characters become interesting and hold your attention tightly. And what holds one, you need to know every possible bit of it. This is how the Plot and characters are of Dura Rani Singh too. Based on one of the top 10 Japanese novels, here you are the glimpse of synopsis and Roles of Durga Rani Singh.

Single Mother: The Most Powerful Role of Film

Let me introduce you the most powerful character of the film, which the movie is going to revolve around. She is a divorced single mother who works in a restaurant that packages meals for the desired locals. The lady kills her abusive husband in a violent argument, and gets helped by her neighbour who overhears the confusing commotion. She gets investigated by the detective who takes help of his doctor friend who is a friend of that neighbour too.

Ex-Husband of the Lady

The most crap leaf of that lady's life-diary is her ex-husband who had been abusive to her. She takes divorce to him and lives a single mother's life with her daughter. One day, this leaf opens again and he comes to her life back. He does the expected and shows up to nothing but extort money. They involve in an argument that heats up in a violent act. The argument ends killing him on the apartment's floor by the mother and daughter.

Neighbour of the Lady

Their neighbour who is an intelligent and had been an expert with his problem solving techniques in his college days, offers his help to the mother-daughter. He not only helps them in hiding the dead body, but also cover ups. His help and devotion to the lady doesn't end here, and he keep covering up step-by-step, whenever needed.

The bad-story ends, but also leaves some living tresses behind.


Where there is some crime, the entry of cops or a detective is obvious. Unfortunately the body gets identified and the detective who is an expert in solving the next-to-impossible murder cases, senses that something is wrong. He takes the lady up under his suspicion.

Detective's Doctor Friend 

The detective asks for help to his schoolmate who had been helping him as his friend in solving his seeming impossible cases. He agrees, but when he gets to know about that neighbour, he decides to investigate the case personally because that neighbour too was his friend when he was in college.

The doctor used to learn the problem solving techniques from that neighbour and rate him highly for his talent and intelligence. He gets awestruck when finds the involvement of his super-intelligent college friend who had been very respective for him. He senses the wrong and was the only one who was understanding that his friend and the lady's neighbour was not exactly what he was shown to others.

The highlights of the script and interesting casting are two intelligent opponents in one storyline. The heroine kills her husband and their neighbor plays the hero for the mother-daughter. What their wits will bring to the story; how they two will cut each other with their clever moves; how the battle of these two will shape, these are some parts that brings to the story what is demanded: mystery, thrill, involving factors, and excitement to know the next.

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