Thursday, October 30, 2014

PK (Peekay): A Moving Saga of Love, Laughter & Letting-Go!

Jagat Janani Anushka Sharma and Peekay Aamir Khan in Pk movie
Bollywood movie Pk actors Anushka Sharma and Aamir Khan smiling in a still

Preview: Storyline of PK

What will you expect from a stranger who is unaware of the complexities of our world? What if he doesn't have an idea about what to don as clothes because he cannot distinguish between the male and female's clothes? How will you see him while finding him with various accessories that belong to different religions?

Aamir Khan Looks in PK movie with lehanga over coat, transister, wide eyes, paan (betel leaf), helmet and ornaments of different religions
Various looks of Aamir Khan in PK: carrying transister and wearing coat over lehanga; watching tv with gazing eyes; eating paan (betel leaf); wearing helmet and ornaments representing different religions

It sounds weird and strange together. Well this stranger is none other than Aamir Khan as PK who has been in rumors for his skirt below coat, accessories, innocent eyes, and different dressing sense.

People running behind PK Aamir Khan who is in pagdi (turban) and Rajasthani dress
Rajasthani getup of Aamir Khan who is donning pagdi, angrakhi and pajama, and running from people after him

Innocence, curiosity, and quirky questions...think the name that comes first for the combo of these three! Probably it is "children" who are loved by we all?! PK has all three, but he is not loved by all. Some see him as a sample, some as an irritating one, some bestow loyal friendship, and some gets forced for reappraising their world. His never-asked-before questions bring the catastrophic answers and when seen from PK's eyes, they compel to rethink about the way we are set from generations.

Band Baja team of Aamir Khan and Sanjay Dutt in Rajasthani look and outfits in Bollywood movie PK
Aamir Khan, Sanjay dutt and their Bhairo Singh Band team in Rajasthani look and dress in PK movie still

Whether it is his different approach to see the happenings around him or his childlike curiosity, or his divine intervention...presenting such a character not only makes the film PK an ambitious and unique one, but also forces to explore the complex philosophies.

PK movie heroine Abushka Sharma in boy cut hairstyle, smiling on Aamir Khan
Lead actress of Bollywood movie Peekay, Anushka Sharma laughing on Aamir Khan as PK

PK (Peekay) has a stoyline that serves comedy with the ideas and laughter with the moves. It also talks about love and friendly relationship with a stranger from different world. PK tastes the loyalty of friendship and makes powerful enemies as well. He is leaned towards perfection and mends the lives. Also, his simple moving saga is a humane tale of letting go.

Aamir Khan in PK looks with flat hair, raised eyebrows, wide green eyes, popped ears and colorful cloths in a movie still
Aamir Khan as Peekay with flat hair, raised eyebrows, wide green eyes, popped ears and colorful cloths in PK movie

In one line, PK is a moving story that simply presents the complexities through PK's ideas, innocence, curiosity, questions, philosophies and approach that make others rethink of their old ways and transforms into a spiritual odyssey. The synopsis and script details present a character that is amazingly different than the people at our planet. Other than Aamir Khan's unique character, this Bollywood movie plot features Anushka Sharma and Sushant Rajput in lead roles.

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