Saturday, November 1, 2014

Review of Preachy Super Nani: Rekha Woefully Regressive! Movie Not Impressive!

Sharman with camera to capture his Super Nani Rekha in movie still
Sharman capturing his Super Nani Rekha who is set to turn from housewife to a super model

Review of Super Nani, A Bollywood Movie Directed by Indra Kumar

Minimal make-up on Kanjivaram saris...gorgeous! Rekha's beauty still looks fascinating on the screen. Unfortunately Randhir Kapoor who played Rekha's husband Mr Bhatia, neither noticed this beauty nor her devotion to him and the family. What all romantic he had to say to his extremely committed wife was, "Go to the kitchen!". Oh really? Do women belong to the kitchen only?

Well it is not about Mr Bhatia who says her 'a bloody zero', Bharti Bhatia (Rekha) is just a doormat for her entire family. Her rude daughter-in-law also screeches on her, doesn't help her in chores and wants her space. It's painful when she keeps fast for her self-centered son. She breaks the goons into tears by her delicious hand-made food, but her parantthes don't work for her family members.

And here comes another four or six in the match, her daughter. Bharti Bhatia who sings Prabhu Mere, believes in kala-dhaga, mangal-karya and has always followed the role of a Sati-Savitri, her daughter wants a live-in-relationship with a divorcee who has his own children too. Such a relation with a baap was a big paap for Bharti. Poor lady and poor mother!

The successful businessman Mr. Bhatia plays a crude husband's role; son is selfish and bahu is a pretty kettle of fish; and her amazing daughter presents her nightmares because of her creepy affairs. I say traahi-maam on behalf of the lady.

The prayers prove fruitful and send a masiha for her, who is none other than her grandson Sharman Joshi. This New-York based Mann (Sharman) comes to rescue his Super Nani and the air starts blowing in favor of Bharti.

He gives her a make-over and turns the Super Nani into a super model. The photographer mann turns to film-maker and sends her photos to ad agencies. Heavy eye-shadow, cakey make-up, and those goggles become a part her new journey.

The unbeatable doormat whose life was contracted with the kitchen's detergent, shines as the brand ambassador of such brands. Who was taken as for granted and chided, answered them with her fluent English. Always treated like a dirt, Bharti was now a name known in many families and transformed into the inspiration of many. Maa Durga se Mother Merry ka safar brings the breeze of change. Everyone realizes their mistakes and even her daughter understands and comes back to sahi rasta. Whatever way the story leaded, Regressive Rekha Killed!

It is not so that we are bored of movies based on women empowerment after watching the movies like Queen, Mardaani and Merry Kom, but the over-burdened characters make the movie grab only 1.5 stars out of 5. And the overall effect of the movie doesn't impress. Yes, the seamless, no-marks skin and flawless beauty of Rekha can attract the generation after her 40 years of acting career, but the movie doesn't give the value for money.

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