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Sujoy Ghosh's Durga Rani Singh had a Bumpy Ride for Casting

Casting of hero heroine for Durga Rani Singh directed by Sujoy Ghosh
Casting of Sujoy Ghosh's Durga Rani Singh movie: Who will be Sujoy Ghosh's upcoming's heroine? Katrina, Kareena, Kangana or Vidya Balan!

Sujoy Ghosh is known for his deep involvement in casting for any of his film-projects. This Bollywood film is not an exceptional one as its casting gathered enough on rumor’s ramp. Durga Rani Singh features one strong female character and two male characters.

Saif Ali Khan & Irfan Khan Got Signed for Durga Rani Singh

Irrfan Khan and Saif Ali Khan got signed for two of three main roles. Though it is not disclosed yet that who will play the hero in the storyline. And the proposal of powerful role of female lead actor in this woman-centric film revolved in too many hands.

Sujoy's Wish Remained Unfulfilled

The story found its actors, but the most challenging role of heroine was still looking for its heroine. As director's first choice, Vidya Balan was approached, but she said ‘no’ to him with heavy heart. We have seen the work of duo Sujoy-Vidya in Kahaani that gave awards to their kitty for a splendid job. After working as one of the parents for Kahaani with Sujoy and after stellar output, the decision of denying for the role proved tough for her, but as Vidya said that she was not keeping well, and so she had to opt out because of her health issues.

Kangana Also Couldn't Sign the Movie

After this all, the project went to Kangana’s shoe. As the talented actress was pursuing her dream of completing the course of screen-writing from New York University, she also faced the dilemma of choosing between career and her dream. She had put her study to halt for Queen and Revolver Rani also in past. But this time she opted for continuing her screen-writing course and left Sujoy Ghosh empty handed. Kangana also turned down the offer. However, she got done with the course from NYFA and got up for her forthcoming projects; sequel of Tanu Weds Manu, Sai Kabir’s Divine Lovers, and Ungli.

Kareena Concerned about Dates and Movies' Pick

When these rumors were not even hushed fully, Kareena also stated that she is not doing Sujoy Ghosh’s Durga Rani Singh. After marriage, Kareena has turned to be choosier about her picks as she is not taking any such film-project for which she is supposed to go far from her family for months. And her concern for the schedule made her refusing for the proposal from Sujoy Ghosh.

Katrina Silent about Signing Durga Rani Singh

Later, Katrina was offered the role and she liked it too, but kept a mum when it was about giving it a hit.

I wonder for the real reason behind saying "no" for such a strong women-centered role; is it the fear of accepting the challenging role or the actresses find the masala films more commercial?! Anyhow, I wish good luck to Sujoy Ghosh for casting and making of the movie!

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