Friday, November 7, 2014

Action Jackson Trailer: "Naa Commitment, Naa Appointment...Only Punishment!"

Action Jackson Trailer featuring Bollywood hero Ajay Devgn showing his body
Bollywood hero Ajay Devgn flaunting his body in Action Jackson trailer still

Hero in fire on fiery set, shattering glasses, goons been thrown like a ball on the taxi, dabbing it in falling rain...this is called action, action, and pure action, and this is what you find the most in the trailer of Action Jackson. And in Ajay Devgn's dialogue, 'it's his way or sky's way'. He speaks once and doesn't let his target alive to hear him on second chance. The trailer  gives glimpse of Prabhudeva's direction and with back-to-back dialogue deliveries, it promises the action as well.

Angry look of Ajay Devgn in an action scene of fire blasts in Bollywood movie Action Jackson
Ajay Devgn with angry look in Action Jackson movie still

Ajay Devgn has turned to a polished action performer over the years, and his skills are fully used. Not only his scting skills, but his six abs and tatto on a greased skin are also well-flaunted in the trailer. The choreography on music also is in typical Prabhideva's style.

When the hero romances, he dances? Where Sonakshi Sinha comes, the mood gets light and one gets the sparkles of a love-story, but soon it fades as one more heroine takes an entry and shows a sizzling chemistry with the hero Ajay Devgn.

The landing of one of his dialogues seems a hit to Salman Khan, which states, ''Naa commitment, naa appointment...only punishment!'

Good part is the cleanliness of every move in both dance and stunts. Well the coin has its other side as well, which is the repetitive avatar of Ajay.

However the film seems a blend of trio: action, romance and dance. It will be watchable that Action Jackson gets highlights on that trio or for the story of revenge, honor and justice.

Latest Official Theatrical Trailer of Action Jackson Movie in HD

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