Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Arjun Kapoor's Tevar Trailer Out: Kabaddi Kabaddi...Kiski Todu Haddi?

Superman Arjun Kapoor, Radhika Sonakshi Sinha, Manoj Bajpai starrer movie, 'Tevar' trailer 2015
Superman Arjun Kapoor and Radhika Sonakshi Sinha in stills of official trailer of Bollywood movie Tevar

Bits of Tevar Story in Trailer of Tevar Movie

You take one faction leader's fantasized would-be wife away and show Tevar like Arjun Kapoor, then why that poor girl will not fall in love while she was never willing to get married with that so-called leader! And when the girl is Sonakshi Sinha, why the rescuer not make her his heroine?!

But the story of Tevar movie doesn't cook that easily like other love-story in Bollywood, and asks for action, drama, and... attitude.

The Salman's fan and Superman Arjun Kapoor (played as Pintoo) is not only teaching the goons to respect ladies, but also taking panga with them throughout the Tevar movie trailer. Even the most powerful, the villain Gajendra Singh (played by Manoj Bajpaee) also is no exception. When he takes Radhika Sonakshi Sinha with him holding her hair by-force, the hero Arjun Kapoor doesn't leave him and punch him throwing his head on his own jeep. Well done! After such a deed, chipkaana to banta tha!

Unaware of what power he was, Mr. Pintoo does what he was expected to do as a hero. He rescues his Radha and helps her in running from the monster in her life. Here comes a shrieking, shocking voice, "Papa Pintoo Bhaag Gaya", probably of his concerned sister.

So, where this Pintoo ran the Radhika and what are they up to now?! Well they are dancing, fighting, playing Holi and rubbing gulaal to make you watch the brand new attitude of the Indian cinema, as the side-line of the Tevar trailer says. Also, the boy making the girl hide from the goons, running with her in rain, and taking her back for the bike-ride.

Tevar Kabaddi Kabaddi Dialogue

Where Manoj Bajpai is after the both, pointing them from his long gun, you get to watch Tevar of Arjun Kapoor with sizzling 'Kabaddi Kabaddi' dialogue in Tevar movie trailer, "Kabaddi- Kabaddi- Kabaddi...Kiski modu gardan, kiski todu haddi". The love of Kabaddi of this Kabaddi champion is seen not only while stating with Tevar, Haddi dialogue, but also while performing the action.

The Tevar 2015 trailer suggests that you will find only Taj Mahal for the name of scenic beauty; other shooting locations are the streets of Agra, Mathura and Mumbai. It will be watchable how the chemistry between Arjun Kapoor Sonakshi works, and how this story of Tevar movie 2015 is depicted on the screen.

Tevar Official Trailer with Tevar Dialogue

Watch Tevar hd trailer that is loaded with Arjun Kapoor Tevar and sparking Tevar movie dialogue!

Latest Official Theatrical Trailer of Tevar Movie in HD

Play to watch Bollywood movie Tevar's teaser video online, which features hero and heroine!

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