Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fraud Saiyyan Posters: Arshad Warsi on Target of 7 Pistols

Arshad Warsi's Fraud Saiyyan movie poster
Poster of Bollywood movie Fraud Saiyyan

"Saiyyan" alone is a word that comes with so many dreams, trust, loyalty, faith and love for a girl or woman, but what if I add one more word before it which is "Fraud"? Appears weird?

The new brand official poster of Bollywood movie "Fraud Saiyyan" is saying rest of the story. There are dreamy clouds, pagdi (saafa), tilak, and shahnaai, but the dulha is missing from this latest theatrical poster of film. (Fraud jo hai!)

Let me tell you more about this groom! He has betrayed not only one, but many. Played by Arshad Warsi, the groom's character is so colorful and bold that he managed 13 wives in one life. What next, see below in the poster.

Guns of 13 wives targeting Arshad Warsi in Fraud Saiyyan movie poster
Arshad Warsi as groom on points of 13 pistols of his 13 wives in poster of Bollywood movie Fraud Saiyyan

Now it was obvious to become a target of seven hands. Six of them are embellished with bangles and one has Shaadi Ka Chuda too. And have you noticed who is laughing behind on him? Yes, he is Saurabh Shukla. God bless Arshad Warsi!

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