Saturday, November 8, 2014

Kill Dil Trailer: Who Is Craziest Gun-Goon... Govinda, Ranveer or Ali?

Govinda in a still of Bollywood movie Kill Dil trailer
Govinda in a still of Kill Dil movie

Doesn't that Yash Raj Banner fascinate you too?! It is a brand that is known for giving super hits, and so the expectation raises high when a film comes under this banner. Something similar happens with Kill Dil as well. It features Ranveer Singh, Parineeti Chopra, Ali Zafar, and Govinda. Let me give you more insights about the movie and characters through its exciting trailer!

Flaunting the killing skills, Ranveer and Ali probe the night stars to count how many were made by them after murdering their targets. Where Ranveer has faith on his shooting experience, Ali shows his confidence on his plant of "100 gram ki garam goli'. And Parineeti exhibits her care-free and frank attitude while saying her dialogue "Dil khol ke taado". Pari is surely going to come in an all-different avatar as it is a pretty bold one instead of her previous bubbly or desi girl's roles.

Govinda is also nowhere behind in the series of coming in absolutely new character, which is negative yet powerful, daring, and a bit sanki yet mast in his own way. His roaring laugh is one of the highlights of the trailer, and indicates his tricky and cunning character. As he nurtures Ranveer and Ali, it will be interesting to see him playing a negative for Ranveer when he falls in love with Parineeti and makes Govinda a villain of his love-story.

All through the trailer, Ranveer and Ali have used the gun like a girl uses her make-up accessories in day-to-day life. They are quite comfortable with killing others, jumping from roof to roof, and partying for their murder counts.

Well this was about Ranveer's chemistry with his gun, but what about the chemistry with his girl? Serving action and comedy simulatneaously, the trailer clears that the tuning of the couple is set to spark you up, and the romance part is nowhere lacking in front of the action part.

So it is raw, crazy, dirty, and some high voltage drama while choosing between 'Kill' and 'Dil'.

Latest Official Theatrical Trailer of Kill Dil Movie in HD

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