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PK: Making of Hilarious Fat Barber's Pajama Scene of Peekay | ROFL!

PK (Peekay) Making: Funny Barber Scene with Aamir Khan
Making of hilarious Barber scene with Aamir khan of Bollywood movie PK (Peekay)

Making of Hilarious Barber Scene in PK

Perfection at this level?! It is crazy and weird together.

The barber scene in Peekay must have drawn many of your's attention, and think if the edited final scene was enough to tickle your funny bone, what about witnessing the entire shooting sequence that includes about 10-12 takes?! Hats off to the barber who let the crew shoot this whole and make fun of him.

The Most Funny Shot of Aamir Khan's PK

Peekay, who has a habit of perfecting the things around him, fixes the line of barber's lower dress. He pulls that out and gets a kick from him that collapses the sitting line of people who had been in queue to get their hair trimmed or for shave.

Was Not a Snap Shut Moment

Well, filming this shot was not that easier for Aamir and others as acting on a serious pace to create that funny moment is not a piece of cake. When the situation is really funny, how to stop your laugh! And somewhat similar happened with Aamir Khan too.

PK Barber Scene: Drama & Comedy

Rajkumar Hirani and Vinod Chopra have found some really unusual comic moments for their film. The way PK is seen running before the hands of the ladies and then doing such deeds for his keeda of perfection, it seems the combo of comedy and drama will go to another level in PK.

Below is the hurdle-hero pajama's story that gave a bumpy ride to the directors. Want to know what is the story and how directors shot the scene?
Watch and enjoy the video!

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