Thursday, November 6, 2014

Why Zed Plus Security to a Common Man?

Mona Singh starer Zed Plus movie trailer still featuring Adil Hussain on hospital bed, receiving flower bouquet
Adil Hussain on hospital bed, receiving flower bouquet in Mona Singh starer Zed plus movie still

Why a Prime Minister gave Zed Plus security to a common? How the story of a common man became uncommon? These are some questions that are being answered by the plot details of Zed Plus.

Preview of Zed Plus Synopsis

Its storyline starts with the raise of some adverse circumstances for the government. The fights with partner union of other political parties put the government in a situation of about-to-collapse. Communal matters and corruption give a hard hit to all the ministers, and even after following all possible ways, the government seems to get fall soon.

There comes a 'perfect solution' in front of the Prime Minister. One of the coalition partners calls him and suggests to visit Fatehpur's Peepal wale Peer ki Daragah in Rajasthan. As there was no option left or visible for the Prime Minister, he decides to go to Dargah. He visits that to offer chaadar in that a small town of Rajasthan and also bow his head to save his government.

A Prime Minister in small town was a big happening for the town-livers. It wakes them up from their routine life and they they get set to welcome the biggie, the Prime Minister. And on other side, the Prime Minister's meets a puncture-wala who was called Aslam.

The highest authority of the nation joins the lowest entity, a common man Aslam. The outcomes of their conversation leads to a shock for the entire country. Soon the news gets viral that a common man was given the Zed Plus security. The Prime Minister's luck shines, and so the common man's.

Both faces next-to-impossible. One gets solution to his problems and another get so much fame that was never expected for an ordinary person. But what happened that Aslam got Zed Plus security? Well, he lodges a complain that leads stringing some hilarious situations. The script of this Bollywood movie is filmed on Adil Hussain and Mona Singh.

Interesting and unique story with all new weaves!

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