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Zed Plus Trailer: Ache Din Ab Aane Wale Hein!

Adil Hussain in a official trailer still of Mona Singh starer Bollywood movie Zed Plus
Adil Hussain in a trailer still of Mona Singh starer Bollywood movie Zed Plus

Are you a fan of Mona Singh? If yes then their is a gift for you from her. Our Jassi from Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi, Mona Singh is back in light with his film Zed Plus, in which she is playing a simple house wife's role. Let's try to probe more of her project through the short-movie of Zed Plus.

The Mona Singh and Adil Hussain starer Zed Plus trailer starts making you smell the sand of Rajasthan where bushes, baalu, camels, and people with pagdi (turban) are some that defines it. The way Rajasthan is famous for them all, Peepal Wale Peer ki Dargaah is famous among the movie characters and is popular for its beliefs.

This is a divine land that joins a Dargah's Khadim to Prime Minister. Though PM visits Dargah to save his collapsing government, but the meet of supreme and denominator and those 20 minutes changes many scenes.

By profession a puncture-wala and in movie a kismat-wala, that Khadim urges to PM when asked about his problem. He says that he is also in trouble like him (PM) because of the neighbor country Pakistan and he is threatened from his neighbor. The PM takes it as a terror alert and gives him a Zed security.

A common man becomes the highlight and talk of town for many from TV reporters to...even terrorists. They are also in wonder that from when they started threatening an ordinary Khadim, and they now make him their target in real.

Now the cops are after him even when he taking the call of nature. Poor Mona Singh, the common man's simple house-wife is also irritated, but her irritation turns to her concern when those terrorists really attacks his husband.

The matter catches more heat and the fate leads that Khadim towards politics when the political leaders make him taking a stand in the elections. Now what is about to cook next?

As per trailer's dialogue, "Acche din ab aane wale hein". 

Latest Official Theatrical Trailer of Zed Plus Movie in HD

Play to watch Bollywood movie Zed Plus's teaser video online!

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