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Akshay Kumar in Baby Trailer: Soldiers Vs Antagonists Action Impresses

Baby movie Akshay Kumar 2015
Baby movie star cast, featuring Akshay Kumar as a soldier with his team against terrorists

We common people come to this world, live our normal life, and go from this world, but those who make history, they live fearlessly and courageously; they give a damn! Such are our nation-saviors. Baby is a movie that depicts their story in a closer canvas, making you feel what you are surrounded by, but not are aware of.

Let's see what else the trailer suggests about the film- Baby!

Terrorists Craving to Disturb the Peace

"Jab tak Kashmir se India vapas nahi jata,
Muhammad Rahman aapki giraft mein nahi aa sakta." -Maulana Rahman

("Untill I do not get back from Kashmir to India ..
Muhammad Rahman can't be in your hands."- Maulana Rahman)

The trailer of Baby begins with the above dialogue in a voice with heavy base, which belongs to the terrifying antagonist Muhammad Rahman. He is the main antagonist who has a powerful team including two lead players: Danny as Firoz and Kay Kay as Bilal.

Saviors Standing Tall Making a Protective Wall

Where there are evil minds, there are crazy patriotism followers too, and they have made a team against the terrorists to collapse their plans and power. Akshay Kumar as Ajay, Anupam Kher as Shuklaji, Taapsee as Priya are those who have pledged to safeguard their land.

Fight Has Ignited, So the Challenges!

The fight between Unit's officers and terrorists has commenced openly. The threats are willing to celebrate their Diwali with every terror-attack. On other hand, the officers are pursuing their mission on their sleepless nights.

Strategists Are in Both of the Groups

"If we get billowed, then that will be a big blow to them."- Akshay Kumar as Ajay

Time is ticking and both of the teams are running fast on their tracks. The action is being performed with fight, shoot, murders and interrogation. The strategies are roaring high to spoil others' soups.

Mad & Fussy Officers Who Don't Want to Die, But to Live 'for' Nation

Crazy and Fuzzy officers who have hangover of nation and patriotism, they are ready to do anything and everything. They are rigid; they have fuss. Some of those nation lovers are Ajay, Jai, Shuklaji and Priya who are on their toes to save their nation.

"Ye desh ke liye marna nahi chahte, 
Ye jeena chahte hein...taki akhiri saans tak desh ki raksha kar sakein." -Dialogue of Baby movie

("They don't want to die for the nation,
They want to that they can guard and save the country till their last breath!" - Dialogue of Baby movie)

They are giving their a damn!

History is... 
made by...
those who...
give a...

Latest Official Theatrical Trailer of Baby Movie in HD

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