Sunday, December 21, 2014

Akshay Kumar's Baby: Story of Action Heroes in Uniforms Who Safeguard Nation

Story of Akshay Kumar starer Bollywood movie Baby
Baby movie stills featuring Akshay Kumar as a soldier against terrorists

Did this thought ever encounter your mind that how the threat of terrorist power looms around us perpetually and we still feel safe and secured because of those officers in uniforms who safeguard us? Try to recall once when you had a common day-to-day fight or witnessed it somewhere nearby; was that a bigger issue than the attacks or deeper than the terror of post consequences of a terrorist attack?

I bet it would not have that major than what our army men and women go through. We exist because they put our life before self, keeping their life in danger on hands. While watching the news of their fight with terrorists on news or online portals, where we shivers just witnessing it, the army men go through the whole danger.

Akshay Kumar as Ajay is also one of those officers in Baby, who belongs to an elite team of best ones among the forces. He is a part of secret Counter Intelligence Unit that is covertly formed. While investigating, dealing and foiling the inhuman terrorist attacks plans, Ajay discovers some powers planing to cause damage and setting the threat in the heart of the Indians.

Other than collapsing the force working for this disaster, reaching to the master mind is the most imperative, but who is the big gun playing the games behind the small fries?

He is a maniac leader Maulana Rahman whose kingdom has feet across the world. With the passing days, the escalating force is emerging as the greater threat, giving time-ticking and risk mounting challenges to the unit that is fighting against the power.

Where people are sleeping in a safe and secured warmth, the officers are standing tall to give them a protective shield. They are performing their operations with great efforts, courage and heart in not only Delhi and Mumbai of India, but also in Abu Dhabi, Kathmandu and Istanbul.

Will they be able to keep the unaware mass safe with their efforts? Or the Maulana and his power will succeed in spreading the flames of fear? How the officers will reach to the neck of Maulana Rahman and his team to save the nation from growing fear the heart? Will the Government come ahead to take some massive actions, indeed proactive actions, or it will continue its old attitude of being reactive? The movie Baby featuring Akshay Kumar is all about the answers to them.

The Story details of Baby movie is penned by Neeraj Pandey and Anupam Kher is also in a pivotal role in storyline of film Baby. The above synopsis was just the preview of its plot; the power-packed action of Akshay Kumar is what this Bollywood movie is going to have as a highlight. This will also be interesting to watch that how the cast of Baby will make it an engrossing project for viewers.

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