Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cabaret Story: Shugufta Rafiq Pens Loud the Real Life Incidents of a Cabaret Dancer

Director Pooja Bhatt and writer Shagufta Rafiq sitting together in a black-and-white frame
Director Pooja Bhatt and writer Shagufta Rafiq working together for Bollywood movie Cabaret

Shagufta Rafiq: The Name behind Cabaret Script 

Shagufta Rafiq is a name that cannot be missed while talking about Cabaret as she is an important part of the film, not only being a writer of the story but also being a person with so many up and downs in her experience and memories. The moments she lived, the dark side she saw are not what an ordinary person lives or go through. And perhaps her sour experiences are the ones that have made her penning down even offbeat scripts and synopsis so brilliantly without any writing background, that the movie gives you a hit and goes deep to heart.

If we go deeper into the details of her biography, we get to her another side. She has a long journey before writing the plots of blockbuster Bollywood movies and establishing herself as a successful writer. Shagufta's journey of dancing in Mehfils, private parties and later in bars of Dubai has made her experience a lot unusual that reflects in the storyline of her scripts. No wonder if one says that her write-ups are basically her re-scripted life. Something similar will be seen in the script of Cabaret as well, it is supposed.

Producer Pooja Bhatt and writer Shagufta Rafiq
Producer Pooja Bhatt and writer Shagufta Rafiq working together for Bollywood movie Cabaret

Shagufta is a trained Kathak dancer and has sung too in Dubai for groups. She had tasted success initially after joining the Mahesh Bhatt's camp, his production company. To increase the authenticity quotient, she is being involved for the project and has worked on script with Mahesh Bhatt as well. She is all set to share her parts through her write-ups for Cabaret after contributing as the script and dialogue writer for many hit films like Woh Lamhe, Awarapan, Dhokha, Raaz, Murder 2, Jannat 2, Jism 2, Raaz 3D, and the blockbuster Ashiqui 2.

Cabaret dance was at its peak popularity in late 60's and 70's arena; what difference this Cabaret movie brings to this dance form, it will be watchable.

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