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India's Raw Star Seen Unseen: Rituraj Won Beating Darshan in Finale

India's Raw Star judge Yo Yo Honey Singh, host Gauhar Khan and contestants
India's Raw Star judge Yo Yo Honey Singh, host Gauhar Khan and list of contestants with names

India's Raw Star has been a popular singing reality show that gave many memorable moments and pieces of music that touched the heart deeper. Cool, happy-go mentor Yo Yo Singh's supporting attitude, Darshan Raval's Pehli Mahobbat, Cup-cake boy Mohit Gaur, Sureeli Galiyan of Rituraj, and gorgeous actor-model and host of the show Gauhar Khan are some that come into vision in an instance while talking about the first season of India's Raw Star. And not to mention here, the rocking rockstar Himesh Reshammiya who was undeniably an attraction of the show with his black-and-white judgement and remarks.

India's Raw Star: A Singing Reality Show

The show had premiered on 24 August 2014 on Star Plus with super energetic singer-rapper and mentor Yo Yo Honey Singh who introduced his 10 contestants of Raw Stars' army. His friendly attitude with the Raw Star's trophy pursuers and his special remarks through Yo Yo cam brought him more closer to viewers. India's Raw Star was an idea of Saaibaba Telefilms' Gajendra Singh who is well known to produce Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and an legendary serial Antakshari. The show was to provide an opportunity to naive singers to establish them through this platform, a stage that Yo Yo hadn't found 10 years back that could have make a huge difference in his time. Unfortunately Yo Yo Honey Singh, an important ring of the competition had to leave the show in between because of his injury. There came Himesh to mentor the contestant-singers.

Format of India's Raw Star

The format of the show was absolutely different, which was based on fan-followings, means totally on public. Every performance day used to bring celebs on top to bottom rankings according to their fans' support that they get on social networking sites. Interesting thing was every week the contestants used to shuffle on their seats according to their supporting fans and no previous marking was counted on every new week. It had phases; phase-2 introduced two more competitors: Sagar and Akasa.

Second, their was only one mentor, no judges trio was introduced. Initially Yo Yo Honey Singh and then Himesh was at this post. Meanwhile the show brought many establish and talented composers on Raw Stars' platform though.

10 Contestants of India's Raw Star

Riturajan Mohanty from Puri: Phenomenal on high-pitch songs

Mohit Gaur from Jaipur: An interesting story teller who got fame with his composition Cup-cake

Darshan Raval from Ahmedabad: A singer-composer with strong voice texture for romantic tracks, whose Pehli Mahobbat compositions made him remain on number one's chair for weeks

Jaffery Iqbal from New Jersey: A heart strummer and performer

Pardeep Singh from Malout: Artist of Punjabi sound tracks

Mohan Rathore from Ghajipur: Entertaining in Bhojpuri song performances

Suraj Biswas from Puri: Unique singer for Western, Jass, Indie rock and Blue genre

Dipti Sharma from Vadodara: Owner of powerful voice who became soul-sister of Yo Yo Honey Singh

Mansheel from Pune: Cool fusion artist for Rock and Folk

Rimi Nique from Thailand: Hip-hop Indie singer

Wild Ka Tadka in India's Raw Star

Two wild card entries raised the competition to another level on 12 October 2014.

Sagar from Delhi

Akasa from Mumbai

Journey of Contestants

In phase-I all the contestants gave their best, in what they had mastery. The audience of India got to know them and their genre. After elimination of four, phase-II brought two wild cart entrants to heat-up the bars. Phase-III sizzled with face-offs that mounted the level of India's Raw Star challenge. The finale was no exception.

Journey of Indias Raw Star Grand Finale Contestants Mohit Gaur, Darshan Raval & Rituraj Mohanty with Himesh Reshammiya

Himesh brought nani-dadi's story of tortoise and rabbit to motivate the participants. where at one side he supported Darshan to be the winner, he kept boosting Mohit to fuel his anger and spirits into his performance as many a times he was marked as a weak performer among them. Well it worked wonder too as he proved wrong to others with his powerful performance and secured his place as one of the three finalists of Grand Finale of India's Raw Star. Known for giving many high-pitch super-hit tracks, Himesh nowhere considered a low-marked contestant to Rituraj as well and many a times alerted other through Rabbit-tortoise story.

Darshan had always been the most popular one among audiences and specially between girl viewers and secured number one's chair for weeks. On other side, Rituraj and Mohit struggled and kept going with better and even best of them and gradually made a strong place in viewers heart.

Grand Finale of India's Raw Star Highlights

The much awaited finale night came on 30 December 2014 and the three stepped in to the battle ground. Darshan shared stage with Mohit Chauhan and performed Tumse hi from Jab We Met and Pehli Mahobat composed by Darshan himself. Shan visited the finale to support Mohit Gaur and sang Wo Ladki Hai Kaha with Mohit. Rituraj set the stage on fire with Kailash Kher. All the three increased the temperature of the set and proved why they reached to the finals of India's Raw Star. Their Rawsome performances made the evening worth watching.

The musical night was embellished by many superhit and super-talented composers like Himesh Reshamiya, Sachin and Jigar.

Arjun Kapoor also marked his presence to the Raw Star's Finale show to promote his Tevar

Darshan and Mohit shook their legs for Gauhar Khan and gave a beautiful return gift to Gauhar for her singing that she done in previous episode for the Raw star contestants.

Well where the naive stars were surprising by matching their feet with beats and rhythm, how the diva Gauhar Khan could have left without setting the stage on fire?! The sizzling and sparkling dance moves of her just amazed and entertained at the core. The girl stole the show while dancing on tracks like Mashallah from Tiger, Lovely and Yar Naa Miley from Kick.

Mentor Himesh Rehsamiya also presented some of his popular compositions and made the mood of the night.

The absence of Yo Yo honey Singh was disappointing throughout, but the excitement of watching the next talent kept it going.

Gauhar Khan Teased at Grand Finale Shooting

The grand finale night of India's Raw Star bid farewell with a sad part too, which was alleged, shocking and also annoying for all. A guy tried to reach Gauhar Khan and ultimately slept her. I wonder how such psycho people are walking free in our country to humiliate a girl?! The boy did this because he had problem with Gauhar's short and skimpy outfits and according to him, she couldn't wear such attires being a Khan, a Muslim. Many like me would really want to ask the guy, does Islam allows raising your hand on a female? Does the religion teaches to humiliate a girl in front of so many eyes? The guy will surely pay higher for what he did but yes,  we need to think and understand that wearing a costume is a personal choice and we live in an independent country. Don't we?

Well, the finale got over with some good and bad incidents, leaving some with smiles and some hope. Also, India discovered true talents with belief that they will discover some good music piece to float in air, to appease and increase our ears' flavor!

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