Friday, December 12, 2014

Khamoshiyan trailer Breaks Silence, But Not the Mysteries of Secret

Sapna Pabbi romancing with Ali Fazal in Khamoshiyan
Sapna Pabbi sharing screen with Ali Fazal in a still of Bollywood movie Khamoshiyan

Khamoshiyan Ek Raaz hai...

The hitting piano-beats of the title song of Khamoshiyan movie commences and ends the trailer with keeping you clueless.

The exotic location and serene scenes bring the hero Ali Fazal into the frame, who is an unsuccessful writer in search of a story. He meets a mysterious woman and encounters the unseen. He gets shocked; he gets frightened. The boy faces the fear in discovery of his story, but he keeps finding the hidden secret of the mysteries that revolves around.

Ali Fazal searching the truth in Khamoshiyan movie still
A dark-night still of Khamoshiyan movie still: Ali Fazal in search of mysteries with friend in a dark night

Ali Fazal fells in love with Sapna Pabbi who is playing Meera in Khamoshiyan movie. He is seen caring, loving, and being disturbed for the girl. He craves to know about the mystery of Sapna's life to complete his story. And the story he is finding is nowhere else but in the house, as Sapna says to him. He has to know her truth and he keeps probing it by asking her.

Sapna replies him but what she says is all shrouded in secrecy like, "We all get hunted by our own secrets.

The trailer raises some questions like: Has Meera killed her husband? What power deletes the write-ups of writer Ali Fazal from his laptop?

Sapna Pabbi romancing with Gurmeet Choudhary in car in Khamoshiyan movie still
Khamoshiyan still: Gurmeet Choudhary and Sapna Pabbi in a frame

The plot of Khamoshiyan seems revolving around the writer Ali Fazal and secrets-keeping lady Sapna Pabbi. The fans of Gurmeet Choudhary might leave with their unfulfilled wish to see him more.

A Mukesh Bhatt's production in association with Mahesh Bhatt, Khamoshiyan is full of dark, mystery, and secrets.

Khamoshiyan Wallpaper: Blood-red butterfly logo
Khamoshiyan movie butterfly: Silence Have Secrets

Other than silence, Sapna throws couple of power-packed dialogues too like:
"Hum rooh ko bas mein rakhne ka shauk rakhte hein
Ujaalon mein nahi, andheron mein sawarne ka shauk rakhte hein"  - a dialogue by Sapna Pabbi

The base in her voice maintains the horror pace of the film. The music seems to play a vital role in the movie, which is a 'plus'.

The trailer gives glimpse of being the film an erotica exploring supernatural.

Latest Official Theatrical Trailer of Khamoshiyan Movie in HD

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