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Making of PK: 10 Steps of Reinventing Aamir Khan for Peekay

Making of PK: 10 Steps of Reinventing Peekay
Making of PK with makeup of Aamir Khan

Do you know how Aamir Khan turned to Peekay and how many efforts and people were there behind how PK looked? We know Aamir Khan as Mr Perfectionist also, but do you know what makes him sticking to this tag? Every time when his new movie's buzz lands to various platforms, there lands his new look that defines his character and makes us connecting to it. PK is no exception to it. Find below how!

1. PK...The Character

Peekay was neither an ordinary to define easily, nor belonged to just a profession that giving him the look of a doctor, engineer or advocate work. He character was clueless, which was nowhere seen or met. What can be said know was just his innocence and childlike nature.

Aamir Khan was excited about the role right from the beginning of the project PK, but the challenges to give that character a physical form was not a piece of cake.

To match up, his wierd look did great that involves everything from his body language to hair style to eyes to ears. Every part was decided to be different yet connectable, with no overdone.

2. Aamir Khan's Hairdo for PK: Flat Hairstyle

Aamir Khan's Hairdo for PK: Flat Hairstyle
Aamir Khan, Rajkumar Hirani and team PK trying long hair for Peekay

Hairdo is something that can impressively change the entire look of someone. These days not only girls, but guys are also seen opened for experiments like using gels and flaunting different styles like spikes, etc.

Aamir Khan wanted long hair for his PK look, but they didn't go with what PK, the character was demanding. They indeed gave him a warrior feel to his appearance. He tried various from long to golden to boyish, but nothing worked. Some different coloured locks of hairs were also used, but that looked wierd. After roaming from one to another corner, they decided that what plain hairdo was doing, nothing worked that good. Finally, flat hair with not too much difference were decided for Peekay.

3. Raised Eyebrows

The eyebrows of Aamir Khan were given a tilted shape to ease him expressions, and the brilliant actor has played with them very well.

4. Curly Eyelashes

Curly Eyelashes of PK Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan curling his eyelash for getting the look of PK

Aamir Khan tried curled eyelashes for PK, which gave an innocent touch to his facial expressions.

5. Green Eyes Lens

Aamir Khan Put Green Eyes Lens for PK AKA Peekay
Aamir Khan donned green eye lens in PK

To add, Aamir Khan put on green lens to his eyes. This gave him a distinguished look.

6. Popping Ears of PK

Have you ever noticed the ears of Aamir Khan? They are straight and give him a naughty and sometimes wicked look.

Popping Ears of PK Aamir Khan
Idea of putting Blue Tac for PK's Popped ears

For PK, Aamir Khan's ears were highlighted more and smartly used to add in his appearance.

Popping Out Ears of Aamir Khan
Rajkumar Hirani, Aamir Khan and PK's team discussing about popped out ears

The team PK decided to go with more popped out ears, but it was not a snap's deal.

Aamir Khan's PK: Ear impression for blue tac plates
Aamir Khan applied ear impressions for blue tac plates

Ear impression for blue tac plates! Blue tac was what worked wonder for their demand.

Aamir Khan with Popped Ears for (Peekay) PK
PK: Aamir Khan flaunting his ears

And the ears popped out eventually.

7. Less Make-up Suited PK

Aamir Khan in less make up for PK (Peekay)
Peekay: Aamir Khan in minimal make up for PK

This is the time where actors use every bit of make-up and accessory, giving them a dramatic look, but Aamir Khan and team PK chose to go opposite. PK donned minimal makeup and remained simple.

8. Gentle Face with All Above

Aamir Khan's gentle face for PK (Peekay)
Gentle facial look by Aamir Khan for PK

With all above, the right posture was the last needed. Where now it was all set from surface, something was still missing. Aamir Khan tried from gazing eyes to multiple blinks. Even with eyebrows, he made experiments for expressing through his face.

PK's Eyes Speak More: Widely Opened Eyes Suited PK

PK's Eyes Speak More: Widely Opened Eyes Suited Peekay
Aamir Khan's widely opened green eyes with raised eyebrows, flat hair and popping ears

Other than how PK looks, how is his own style of seeing the world and reacting to others was also important. Eyes speak the most after body language, so how they mark their presence was also a matter of brainstorm. Should PK see suspiciously...or vividly or with gazing eyes? As his character was of a curious one, the widely opened eyes went the most with him.

Ultimately, with tilted-raised eyebrows, widely opened eyes with no blink worked. The conflict of big eyes and a gentle face looked wonderful. Everything looked fitted with PK now.

9. What about the Lips?

PK Aamir Khan's lips after chewing Paan
Aamir Khan on PK sets with Paan in mouth

Every effort had come to an end till then. Flat hair, sharp eyebrows, curly eyelashes, green eyes lens, popped out ears, and less make-up! What about the lips?
Aamir Khan ate Paan in throughout the shooting of PK: Peekay. That gave his lips a red color and presented a visually separating face.

10. Costumes of PK: Satrangi Atrangi Kapde

Costumes of in PK: Satrangi-Atrangi Kapde of Peekay
Aamir Khan in various avatar for PK

The costumes of Peekay was also not an easy decision. Some team members went out to streets and searched for people with visually odd casuals. They purchased or exchanged with new clothes and brought colorful clothes for PK. Aamir Khan tried many and a pattern got set for his costumes, which was "Satrangi-Atrangi" that suited best with the colorful yet deep character of Peekay.

PK Making: Behind The Scene

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