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Pooja Bhatt Found her Heroine For Cabaret in Richa Chadda after 2 Years

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Richa Chadda in white outfit

Pooja Bhatt's Search for Lead Actress of Cabaret Ended on Richa Chadda after 2 Years (2012-14)

What name comes first in your mind when one talks about 'cabaret dance'? The one and only naturally coming out name is Helen who as if gave meanings to Bollywood's feet on cabaret dancing. Many came, many tried, but no one could ever match her and make that place in Bollywood what Helen had and indeed has today.

Pooja Bhatt is no exception to admit this and wish she could have move the clock back and sign her as the lead actress for her film Cabaret. To justice with this dance form, the actress of this film had to be natural in this cabaret dancing, and that's what made the casting task challenging for Pooja to pick one right name as the heroine of her film.

Pooja Bhatt wanted a natural dancer; doesn't matter she is a born dancer or not. And to meet this demanded requirement of the role and character, the actress had to take extensive training to get that body language and physical appearance of a cabaret dancer. Here Pooja also has also given weight to cabaret dancing, not item numbers as she finds it an offensive terminology.

Pooja Bhatt's Demand for Lead Actress of Cabaret

Cabaret movie heroine Richa Chadda
Richa Chadda giving pose for a perfect click!

In late 2012, Cabaret had come into rumors for its presentation. Pooja Bhatt is set to introduce it in a whole new style that is never see before, as said by her. People have been seeing cabaret dancing with an underground nature as it mostly belongs to nightclubs, pubs and restaurants, where people do not involve in dancing but just dine, celebrate, and get entertained with the cabaret dance performance mostly given by the females.

Pooja Bhatt wanted to show a different side of Cabaret and shoot the film in 3D. The film was supposed to serve the meet of cabaret dancer and a person from the world of crime, means two people from different worlds. Randeep Hooda's name was already there, but Pooja was not finding a suitable face for the female character that can understand the need of the role as both: dancer and actor. It also got rumoured that it will present the love story of a cop and his relationship with a cabaret dancer.

Pooja Bhatt wanted an actress with trained dance skills who owns sensuous appeal being raw and can play her role dramatically when it comes to acting. Earlier Pooja Bhatt wanted a fresh new face for the role, but realizing the need of that tough role of a cabaret dancer she dropped the idea of expecting much from a newcomer.

Richa Chadda Ended Pooja Bhatt's Search for Cabaret

Richa Chadda, heroine of Bollywood movie Cabaret
Sizzling siren Richa Chadda, lead actress of Bollywood movie Cabaret

After a powerful performance in Gangs of Wassepur, Richa Chadda came in front as an actress who could justify the character of sizzling siren. Often considered as a desi girl who too much recalls the Delhi based girls, Pooja Bhatt despite her such appearance selected her as the lead actress for her movie because of her sensuous side that has enough demanded appeal to connect with the character.

Richa is trained dancer of Kathak and Jass; she has also worked with the troupe of Shiamak Diavar for about two years.

When Pooja asked Richa to meet her, she flew straight to Pooja's residence from Los Cabos Film Festival held at Mexico and conversed about the urgent call. And here she came into the project.

Richa said she was compared with American and Maxican Film actress Salma Hayek Pinault who is a director and producer too; Pooja sees her as upcoming Bollywood's Salma.

Richa Chadda Preparing Hard to Incorporate the Character of a Cabaret Dancer

Richa was geared towards going deep in cabaret dance to mold herself totally into character. Pooja Bhatt's brother, a Fitness Trainer Rahul has also been playing his part and is set to give training to Richa for making her physical appearance suitable on-screen as cabaret dancer. The girl is given a tight regimen to follow for that.

About Cabaret: A Bollywood Film to Release in 2015

The film is slated to release on 14 January 2015, but seems it will take time to get ready for heating the theatres up. The film is given an authentic feel with involvement of Shugufta Rafiq for script and fresh approach for direction by taking Kaushik Narayan Niyogi as the director. Richa will be seen making a sizzling chemistry with S. Sreesanth and Gulshan. Pooja Bhatt is producing Cabaret and has been taking her steps slowly and carefully to do justice with the film based on real incidents of a cabaret dancers life.

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