Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Roy Trailer: Suspicious, Ambiguous, & Mysterious Despite You Know Everything

Ranbir Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez and Arjun Rampal in Roy movie Trailer
Roy Trailer still featuring Arjun Rampal, Ranbir Kapoor and Jacqueline Fernandez
Their is action! There is fiction! The characters are tangled into their own mysteries. The roles, around which the movie is woven, they are strange to each other, so their identity. Everything is revealed in and out of the trailer as we know Ranbir Kapoor is playing Roy and is a thief; Arjun Rampal as Kabir is a film maker; and Jacqueline Fernandez is the lady who is involved with both as they are in her love. Despite knowing this all, you find the trailer full of mysteries. 

The first shot of trailer talks about a thief showing him in fighting scenes, hiding his identity.  

"He had veil on his face, only eyes were visible. I had never seen so many frightened people in one time. Then when I went to bank, I thought he will come back." -Arjun Rampal as film-maker Kabir, states about the thief- Roy (Ranbir Kapoor). 

Ranbir talks about some 120 million dollar in a scene. 

(Headlines: Kabir Grewal and his 23rd affair: Rumored to have an affair with Ayesha Aamir
"With his new film, his new love affair has also started." -Trailer says.)

It seems that Arjun Rampal is playing a playboy in the movie and as Jacqueline says him that he uses her for his story, it gives idea of... he might be a director, hooking girls in search of a new story for his films. But the way he describes about his new girl Ayesha in depth, it seems he has fallen in love seriously this time. 

Who disappears and is a mystery for others in the film, he is one of history's greatest thieves. He is Roy, a thief, but once addresses himself as a tourist in front of Jacqueline.

Ranbir has a role that doesn't speak much in the trailer, but others keeps his rating high, making him the talk of town. Even Jacqueline keeps probing about him in film. Sometimes, Jacqueline is found strange by other characters in the movie, sometimes it is with Roy.

Jacqueline is not sure about Kabir as well as she queries, "I think are you really the one who people say or you are trying to be what people say about you?! I think you are hiding yourself."

In short, in spite of you know about the roles that all actors are playing, you feel that there is enough to know through movie too, amazingly only because the characters find other characters suspicious, ambiguous, and mysterious. 

Dialogue of the Promo

"Ham insaan hamesha kisi aur ki zindagi chura ke  jeena chahte hein. Ye fitrat hai hamari! 
...Aur mein to hun hi ...ek chor!" -Ranbir Kapoor as Roy

"We human always want to live stealing someone else's life. It is our nature. 
...And whatever! I am already ...a thief!" -Roy

Latest Official Theatrical Trailer of Roy Movie in HD

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